To the editor:

I am appreciative of the honest and open discourse of ideas, feelings and positions expressed in the editorial pages. It reflects the newspaper’s and public’s engagement in current events.

My observation by reading this newspaper and other publications is that we do have a divided electorate, two camps essentially. Comingling of ideas, sometimes passionately, is the God-given and Constitutional right we have in this country born out by how we vote. It is a sacred honor brought by our forefathers’ sacrifices. We should keep that in the forefront of our public discourse.

To be specific, Mr. Hill’s retort to the previous editorial about the “California Billboard” was an inspiration to me to write this.

How we vote is up to us and following our conscience is a part of that. When we have our duly elected Congressional representative voting her “conscience” instead of representing mine is where I start to have issues.

One issue I have is that after repeated attempts to communicate with my elected representative, I have not received an answer. When I communicate with the Senatorial delegation I always receive an answer although not always what I want to hear.

Long before the more current events of the voting record of the second impeachment of a President no longer in office by our Congressional representative, and the taking of the second chair in an investigation on the Jan. 6, 2021, Capital building incursion, did I have my reservations on whom she was representing. (Also, not just because of her last name.)

If these were my observations alone I would take comfort in that, but my alarm is from when the local and national party representatives rebuked and removed her from representing that party. One could play that off to partisan infighting. For me it is a pattern.

So, whom is Liz Cheney representing? That is the question that needs to be addressed in the next primary election.

(s) auggie wayne mcbroom


(3) comments

Jim Guelde

I share Mr. McBroom’s distaste for the neocon pinup girl from Virginia…. Liz Cheney. Democrats (having no decent candidate of their own) will attempt to carry her across the threshold to victory in the Republican primary. It’s unfortunate that a Romney Republican is the best that a Wyoming Democrat can find to support.

Tom Conners

Cheney had every right to vote against fascism in the works, to add...millions of fools in this country who have lapped up the lies will one day regret their actions.

Joe Whittaker

Well, as a registered independent, I'll be switching to registered republican just so I can vote for her in the primary. So, I'd say she represents me and others like me who don't like how the republican party has been taken over and no longer represents us. But that's just my $0.02

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