Constructed in 1941, the Cody Auditorium has been the center for community activities in Cody since that time.

Today because of fire codes and the failure of the proposed general purpose sales tax last fall, the Cody Auditorium cannot be used for events that serve alcohol.

Plans to fund the $100,000 fire suppression project were halted when the additional penny sales tax was rejected by voters in November.

City financial officer Leslie Brumage said, “We removed most everything from that capital project fund because the public most clearly let us know they did not want those items funded.”

She added the auditorium already costs the city $120,000 more per year to operate than it brings in.

The Cody Auditorium is much too valuable an asset for the community to allow it to be underutilized and to allow it to fall into disrepair.

Thankfully last Monday, Mayor Matt Hall, after questioning from Cody Soroptimist Club representative Paula Voerding, asked city manager Barry Cook to check on the costs associated with adding the necessary fire suppression system and addressing other issues such as a leaky roof on the building.

There could be ways to mitigate the financial situation and restore the facility. A privately spearheaded fundraising drive could help. Fees for using the facility could surely be raised. Applications could be made for grant monies.

It only takes one or two people with passion to get it going.

For 80 years the Cody Auditorium has been the site for community events. The auditorium needs to be renovated so it can again be a vital part of the Cody community.

John Malmberg

(2) comments

Bill Anderson

They don’t need to sell alcohol in the Cody Auditorium. You have the bars for that.

Bill Thielemann

Although the Auditorium was built in 1941 I believe the city should not be in the real estate business. It is losing 120k per year and that's over 1 million in the last 10 years. Boy what we could do with that money to help the city and it's people. We have to stop thinking that goverment should lose money. Sell the business to the private sector. This would get needed money into the city right away and ad it to tax roles that the city would get instead of losing money. If this is done the city will not loss another million dollars but make money and lower the burden on the budget.

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