To the editor:

I write to share some research I have conducted with “Google Scholar” with my fellow citizens. 

Folks, you and the nation, are being gaslighted and spoofed by what the media calls “Critical Race Theory.” My research found there is no such thing as Critical Race Theory in the peer reviewed literature that is not Marxist. As you might suspect, it has indeed come out of nowhere. This stuff originated in something called Lit Crit (critical studies of literature, i.e., fiction) produced by English and Modern Language departments. Typically such fare criticizes 19th authors like Samuel Clemons (Mark Twain) for not having 21st century sensibilities on race politics. 

Wow! Thoughtful stuff, huh? There is also an obscure, totally marginal, entirely Marxist literature called “critical legal studies.” 

Your president wants this vicious, hyper-racist, Marxist tripe taught to your children and is bribing national teacher unions with extra money to do it. Victimization is power and power is money. Last week the two national teacher unions signed up to embrace CRT, deeming it “valid history.” 

Absurd! Why do the NEA and AFT want to teach first graders that they are racists and oppressors, and the newest twist, denial of racism is proof of guilt? Can you say tautological ideology, boys and girls? 

This is not the normal parsing out money for benefits to some folks and not others. Though you might consider this socially harmful, you’ll pay up as the price for a quiet life. This is a racist and Marxist curriculum messing with your children’s heads, teaching them to despise their parents, themselves and their country. This is corruption and sedition at a blow. We need state legislation to ban this poison from our schools ASAP, with funded mechanisms to monitor and enforce compliance.

(s) rod hall


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Justin Smith

"An an angry old guy yelling 'Marxism,' how refreshing," said no one ever.

Rod Hall

An* ad hominem* personal attack, utterly devoid of content. How typical, puerile, and juvenile.

Chris Clinton

With respect to my previous comment, an update. Apparently the NEA has just endorsed the teaching of CRT in schools. I don’t know if this is correct or not. If it is, I apologize to Mr Hall that i said it was an outrageous lie. I could not see a way to edit my comment. However, I will point out that Mr Hall uses all the triggering words of the Far Right , e.g. “Marxist”, etc. However, I do think it is a legitimate concern of Mr Hall, if, indeed, CRT were to be taught in public schools. It is a complicated concept. Teaching accurate history, with all its warts, is sufficient for young minds. But, teaching critical thinking is not “Marxist” either.

Rod Hall

Mr. Clinton. This is not teaching critical thinking. It is teaching Marxism. The literature arises from, relies upon, and is steeped in Marxism and is written and read exclusively by Marxists. It is NOT a complicated concept. It says the nation is structurally and irredeemably racist because its population of European decent is. They were born that way and can't do anything to change it. Marxism is not the "triggering words of the far right" in this context. It is an adjective modifying the noun "literature" and its authors proudly describe themselves as Marxist. Dig in and read some of it. Fun stuff!

Chris Clinton

Pretty much everything you stated is an outrageous lie. CRT has not been, nor will be, taught in public schools. It is a sophisticated historical concept taught in GRADUATE school. Public schools K-12 do NOT teach CRT. NAME ONE SCHOOL that teaches it or proposes to teach it. Furthermore, it is not an ideology of white self hate, as many state. As I understand it, it is a deep dive into our history of enslavement (HAPPENED!) and the ongoing manifestations of how it now permeates our society. Oversimplified explanation. Teaching history as it actually happened isn’t a bad thing. But, of course, some make it a “ Boogie Man”, a totally FAKE straw man. I call BS.

Rod Hall

You appear to have rethought this drivel. Good for you.

Scott Conger

Since CRT scholars attempt to understand how victims of systemic racism are affected by cultural perceptions of race and how they are able to represent themselves to counter prejudice, those scholars must first accept the premise that Systemic Racism actually exists. Following that, no one is allowed an opinion and are evil if they reject the premise. If it exists, then there is a polarization of society consisting of Oppressors and the Oppressed which permeates and exists from the very beginning, through today. The Constitution submits that "All men are created equal..." and when that basic framework was well intended yet insufficient, a hundred and ten thousand people northern soldiers died in a civil war to eliminate it and when that fell short, legislation followed, then a two-term Black President followed that. If there is a two-tiered society intent on oppressing another side, it would have to be the intolerant Left forcing it's twisted morals and even more twisted history on everyone else. The only way to accept this is to assume that MLK had it all wrong; it was in fact the color of one's skin and not the content of their character that matters. Do I see another statue coming down? I think the Author of this Opinion Piece has called CRT for what it is: Tripe.

Pete Demoney

Sir, respectfully, you are full of it.

Richard Jones

Can't handle the truth eh Pete?

Alan Shotts

Mr. Demoney,

First you tell people to do their research, but then you tell them they are full of it. So only your research counts, huh? Instead of snide remarks, how about some facts if you don't agree. My research is much the same, but I haven't been drinking the coolaid from the media.

Pete Demoney

Mr. Shotts, frozen precipitation is a snowflake. Please, where is CRT taught in a K-12 school?

Rod Hall

For some reason there is no button to reply to Mr. Demoney's quip addressing you. Permit me to help. Here is a story about one Rhode Island middle school teacher who points out it's not taught under the CRT label. It's taught under rubrics like "culturally responsive" with a focus on "identities."

I suspect Mr. Demoney knows this, thus his question to Mr. Schotts is far from clever, but embarrassingly disingenuous. Fortunately Rhode Island and Massachusetts (and all eastern states where rogue school boards and faculties are actually subjecting children to this harm have extensive Catholic schools systems as an alternative for parents who don't want their kids to be taught to judge everyone by the color of their skin (a very anti-MLK sentiment, no?) I know because I sent my kids to a Catholic school during my two year postdoc at Brown.

All of this dodges my point that Biden is bribing teachers unions to teach this racist tripe from early elementary school. For the past 40 years ago center left parties in the US and Europe have ignored the interests of working people in favor of smaller "identities" constituencies. Now that they are past ethnic minorities and gays they are down to trans-gendered people. The Dems have for some time now been the party of the "progressive neo-liberals" e.g. Wall Street, Hollywood and Silicon Valley. Trump and populist parties in Europe have taken these votes away from people like the Dems, and they clearly will not be getting them back. They also lose increasingly more of the African American and Hispanic vote every year. Very nasty losses among the latter, especially among the Cuban emigres in Florida, who are presently again telling us they are not fond of socialism. Biden and the Dems have been required to reach out to the far, far, far left in order to gather a voting bloc with any hope of winning a general election. While I despise them for the Bolshevik power grab, that looks to me to be a pure exercise in sedition, I pity them what is coming in November of next year. Even far left *Politico* reports that over 75% of congressional staffers (both parties tallied) say that the Dems are going to lost the House big time next year. We will have to await the results of the hyper-partisan AG, Garland, to foment election fraud and frustrate the states who are tightening up their state election laws to ensure only US citizens who reside in their states vote, but I am optimistic. The Dems will clearly subject the nation and our children to any measure of harm to cling to power. Presently they are refusing to acknowledge that the Cuban people are rising up against communism rather than COVID, and threatening to read your phone texts to help determine wither you have been vaccinated, and send people to your door to harass you. It is not unreasonable to argue, from their behavior, that if it's anti-American, anti-faith, anti-life, anti-freedom, pro-coercion, the Dems support it.

Rod Hall

Yes, and IT is valid information. I taught university courses in political theory, international relations theory, and international political economy for over 25 years at Penn, Brown, Iowa, Oxford UK (where I was tenured), and China. You can be certain that I know a Marxist argument when I see one.

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