After letting out my first real breath in too many months, I kept finding things to smile about.

Suddenly I noticed some odd and funny goings on while most of my time had been glued to the election aftermath disgrace and the seditious acts witnessed by the world. I needed a lighter side of the news and didn’t have to look very far. So, in my every so often tribute to a late night show segment, it’s time to revisit…

Meanwhile, we think we’re confused over the monumental events of the past year? Even penguins can have a brain burp and forget the simple things. On the Falkland Islands, a couple of groups of rockhopper penguins stopped for their version of a water cooler chat, presumably talking about whatever penguins talk about. As they finished up the confab and started to go their separate ways, one penguin went off with the wrong group.

Now, most of us unenlightened human folk probably think all penguins look alike. Not so to their clan. The lost penguin was rescued and joined his proper group and proceeded on their way. Now that’s the buddy system.

Meanwhile, for those of us who’d rather keep snakes at more than an arm’s length, we have to find out that in addition to their many sneaky abilities, they can also climb like a lasso. I’ll never look at another rope in quite the same way again.

Meanwhile, it’s always refreshing when a thief shows some moral and ethical chops. In Oregon a man stole a vehicle with a child in the backseat while mom ran into the store. Once the man realized the child was there, he returned to the store where he stole the car, berated the mom for leaving her child unattended, returned the child, took off again in the stolen car. There are probably many morals to this story, but I’ll leave it here.

Meanwhile, it’s impossible to find any humor or irony in the insurrection that took place at our nation’s Capitol earlier this month. But, since nothing seems sacred in the era of social media, some posited why Area 51 has better security than the Capitol. Hmmmm.

Meanwhile, with the pandemic, people out of work, businesses shuttered, testing and vaccine availability still front and center, we can count on some state legislators to clearly get their priorities straight. For example, an Oklahoma state representative introduced a bill to establish a new hunting season – Bigfoot. And some wonder why people roll their eyes at the idea of government at work.

Meanwhile, people can muster a sense of humor even in trying times. Some of the top-selling Christmas gifts for this past season: hand sanitizer, toilet paper, Lysol spray, plastic gloves, and, of course, masks. Who says we can’t find humor and irony in the strangest times?

Meanwhile, the fantasy job we all dream about: candyologist. A Canadian company is taking applications for part-time taste testers. Plus, it is CDC approved since it can be done remotely. Reviewing and sampling roughly 3,000 candy and chocolate treats could solve all the world’s problems.

Meanwhile, til next time.

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