“Buyer beware.” That adage should certainly be applied to a recent agreement between Northwest College and the University of Phoenix.

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RE Miller

As a 12th grade teacher who counsels seniors daily and a former University of Phoenix student, I'd like to chime in on this one. For seniors with a 3.0 GPA and higher, me and my colleagues encourage our students to attend four-year universities right out of the gate. Enrolling in a major that makes sense both in terms of aspirations and economics. Statistically, this gives kids the best and quickest path to graduation. The experience of moving-out and living in the dorm is also a net positive for most as human connections are made, independent living is accomplished, and teens grow up. And while a community college 2+2 program looks good on paper, real world results show lower graduation rates and a much longer time start to finish--and time is money.

As far as Phoenix is concerned, it worked for me in a limited way. An out-of-state legislature passed a law 15 years ago that added another layer of equity/woke nonsense in order renew my credential. I cost me a year of work, but online-based Phoenix gave me the credits needed to get working again. I wrote a bunch of papers and didn't learn anything but it filled the bill in the wake of blue-state politics. I definitely wouldn't recommend this route for students capable of moving away and slaying the dragon in person, but it's ok for picking-up a class or two in a pinch.

I live in Cody part-time at the moment and don't work in town, so your mileage may be different.

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