For many of us, attending the Park County Fair is an annual tradition with food, rides and more.

Thanks to the pandemic, this year’s fair will look much different than normal, but there will still be a celebration of agriculture and the hard-working children in our community. 

We are all disappointed that because of COVID-19 we won’t get to enjoy many  of the activities that normally make fair week so special. 

But the Park County Fair Board deserves credit for stepping up to make difficult decisions and working hard to come up a plan allowing 4-H and FFA exhibitors to still be able to show their animals. 

After all, it’s the heart of why the fair exists. 

These youth have spent months preparing their animals for the arena and would appreciate your encouragement during their market, showmanship and other classes. About 459 animals have been entered, consistent with participation in past years. 

People will be allowed to attend all events for free this year and there are no parking fees. Further, the junior livestock sale on Saturday will also be shown online, so people don’t have to be in attendance to bid.

Local youth have plenty of money tied up in their livestock projects, so it’s nice to see that they’ll still be able to get a return on their investments of cash and, just as important, time.

The week will wrap up with a concert on the grass Saturday, followed by fireworks. Bones in the Road and Blackwater will be performing.

Despite a scaled-back version of the fair this year, livestock exhibitors and their families are still gearing up for a fun week.

We hope the community will come together and make the best of the situation we’re in, supporting these children any way we can.

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