To the editor:

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department says the new building is a win-win situation for the Big Horn Basin.

The only win is for the G&F personnel and the contractors in flaunting the new building. A perfect example of government out of control.

This new complex will not bring back the resources in the Basin that have been destroyed by the so-called “experts.” You can travel the Basin and see only a small fragment of all species of wildlife that used to be abundant here. Except predators. Those we have in abundance.

For years the area was teeming with our great game herds. The legislative mandate is that these herds were to be maintained in perpetuity for all to enjoy.

They have not been maintained.  In fact, it is criminal what has happened to our wildlife, all to pay wages, retirement and large building, while over-selling our tags and not controlling predators.  This, folks, is a disgrace to everyone in Wyoming, the resource owner.  The culture, heritage and economic base are suffering and disappearing, all built up in former years by hunters. 

It’s obvious that the new building is a slap in the face as their track record over 26 years has shown. It appears to be a socialistic agenda to do away with hunting, while tooting their own horns at the expense of our game herds, all for their advancement. Quite disgusting. Unacceptable performance by G&F.

(s) Randy Selby


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Blaine Rogers

Well, in my last foray out in the great outdoors, I saw way more G&F personnel than game or fish. This entity has turned into an over the top outfit with too many employees, too many vehicles and too many fancy and expensive toys. They must be pretty paranoid of us citizens, too, the way their game wardens will hide in the bushes all day just to watch a father and son up in Sunlight (both licensed and fully legal) fish, then of course accost you at your vehicle at end of day with a bunch of leading questions, trying to "catch" you on something. Why? A desperate grab of revenue? All this warden caught was us fully licensed and an empty creel ala catch n' release. I highly doubt that the new castle being built for G&F in Cody is going to revive the hunting and fishing they've already let wither away, plus of course they'll have to fill the building with all sorts of new employees. Say, instead of one warden hiding in the bushes peeking through binoculars at an unsuspecting sportsman, maybe the G&F can have three of 'em?

I used to think that the Enterprise outdoor columnist was just being a curmudgeon. Now I realize that Mr. Meineke had G&F pegged all along.

Tom Conners

In case no one has been paying attention since 1980, the rich out of staters have taken over hunting and fishing in Wyoming,and across the West for that matter. Hunting and fishing in Wyoming will never be what it was...just follow the money.

Jared T. Miller

You're preaching to the choir, Mr. Selby, but the Game and Fish won't care. Over the years they've turned themselves into a self serving big industry that has indebted itself to special interests, not the people who live, work and play here. Unless you're an outfitter, stockman or some politician, don't even bother.

And yes, both the quality and quantity of recreating here in Wyoming has gone way down hill for 26 and counting years. There has been a bumper crop of Game and Fish employees and shiny new trucks though, to take the place of the diminishing herds and low fish counts. It's time for a total revamp from the top to down

Matthew Wilde

Very well said, Mr. Selby and I'll bet the G & F comes out with rebuttal aka excuses. I will say that the current building south of Cody is inadequate and the G & F did need a new facility....but they didn't need a self-monumental castle. It's an organization out of control and drunk at the wheel spending needless money and playing russian roulette with the resources owned by the citizens of this state.. In the past 26 years, wildlife and fish numbers are way down, hunting and fishing opportunities have floated down the drain, yet as each year creeps by, there are more and more new green trucks traipsing across our landscape and burning expensive fuel. Too many employees too much cow-towing to the outfitters, big land owners and other self absorbed interests. These redshirts in the green pickups are basically living in their own kingdom and getting further and further away from serving the citizenship who not only fund G & F but have a deep invested interest in the resources. For those who doubt what I've written here, ask yourself "is the hunting and fishing better than it was 26 years ago?" Also ask yourself" does the G & F even care?" Well, go to one of their "discussion" meetings...they will talk, talk talk and in return not listen to what you (the citizen) have to say. Bold changes are needed for this regime but until then, expect to see more green trucks and less wildlife on the landscape

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