If the 1% general purpose tax fails to get the support of Park County voters this November, one large contributing factor will jump out ... the indifferent attitude of some of the government agencies that need it most.

Only the City of Cody is putting any effort into getting the tax passed.

With the election only a month away, neither the Park County commissioners nor the city councils of Powell and Meeteetse have stated what the additional revenue would be used for or why the additional tax is needed.

Park County voters in the past have been extremely hesitant to tax themselves additional dollars when the concept seems to be “give us the money and trust us.” Residents of Park County like to know what they are going to be getting when they sign up for additional taxes.

Before the last specific purpose tax passed, a vibrant political action committee had been formed to promote the necessity for the tax. It worked.

So far this election, there might be a PAC formed and working, but we have seen or heard no evidence of it. With absentee voting already underway in the state, it seems the efforts could be too little, too late.

While the state’s COVID-19 money is putting bandages on some of the bleeding budgets, maybe the budgets aren’t as dire as predicted. However, there will be a rude awakening on Jan. 1 when the COVID-19 dollars are all spent.

Increased revenues are going to be critical for all levels of government in Wyoming in the next few years.

We hope the lax attitude of certain officials in Park County doesn’t destroy a possible solution.

John Malmberg

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