To the editor:

I have for most of my life avoided political discussions. My reason was that most politicians have good intentions to start their public service but, over time, forget the foundation of their job and become more mired in the “politics” of it. This was brought home very recently when I overheard a comment about the most important job in Congress. You might have a tough time in guessing that job – Party Unity! Excuse me? Party Unity?

What is happening in Washington? What has happened to the national good? Where has the concern for the public good gone without the support and concern of all those in office? Is the direction of those old term party leaders’ efforts precluding the younger participants from voicing and voting their concerns and beliefs? If this is to be the way things are being done by both parties in Washington, let us do away with all but the party leaders and save the country millions in dollars that will not be needed to support those who simply echo the “Party Line.” 

I understand the rationale behind Party Unity, but following that strict line in all circumstances makes a sad tale for the future of our great nation. Party Unity? Terribly sad commentary on the approach to our nation’s future concern for its citizens and the nation itself.

(s) raymond floyd


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Tom Conners

Absolute power corrupts...nuff said.

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