To the editor:

Censorship of books is never good. Particularly when that book has been carefully chosen and is highly recommended by respected library sources.

The book “A Bad Boy Can Be be Good for a Girl” reflects real-life decisions a teen must make. In this case, the teens choose poorly and regret it. A good lesson to learn.

The Cody School Board has undermined the librarian, limited their students’ choices and opened Pandora’s box for censorship.

(s) katharine allan


Banning books slippery slope 

To the editor:

When I was 12, “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” was the hottest book on the block. 

I saw it in the library and wanted to read the book with rave reviews and a movie. I went home and asked my mother what she thought. My mom is a librarian; she’s always encouraged my brother and me to read. 

I remember asking her, and she paused and said “Well, I think it’s a little mature for you. It’s very violent, and there’s graphic sex and torture in it. I’d prefer if you didn’t read it now, but if you really want to, I won’t stop you.”

I’ve thought about that over the years. If she’d said “No, you aren’t allowed to read it,” I’m SURE I would have found a copy and read it immediately. As it was, I didn’t read it until my senior year of high school because I respected her, her opinion, and her respect of my autonomy.

Banning books is a slippery slope. Where does banning a single “trashy” (critically praised) book from circulation end and censoring begin? What if a kid checks out some sort of self-help book and their parents see that? 

There are some things that we don’t share with our parents, some struggles that demand utmost intimacy. Whatever happened to Wyoming’s “live and let live” ideology? Is this not the same idea?

By banning books, we’re effectively capping education and personal growth. We’re molding people to be just like us. We don’t make advances by being the same. Lindsey Vonn isn’t the same as Maya Angelou and neither of them are like Senator Tammy Duckworth, but we can regard all three as American paragons.

(s) Laurel markert

CHS Valedictorian 2013


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