With a handful of school days now under their belts, one thought seems prevalent among Cody educators – It’s good to return to face-to-face teaching.

We agree wholeheartedly.

Cody High School science teacher Dean Olenik probably stated what most educators and students are experiencing, “In general, I think for everybody it’s a big sigh of relief to be back into some sense of normalcy.”

The COVID-19 pandemic and associated school closures had enormous effect not only on students, but also on teachers, and a return to routine and normalcy is going to pay huge benefits.

While it is still not a complete return to a normal routine, being in school in person has tremendous advantages.

Not only is being able to have teachers and students in face-to-face contact advantageous, but being able to be in social contact with your peer group is tremendously beneficial to society.

Being separated from your peers will have consequences that may be showing up in behaviors for years to come.

Anxieties, fears, a sense of separation and loss ... nobody knows for certain how children and adults will be impacted by those blows to their mental and emotional state and their future behavior.

Sarah Call, CHS special education teacher, summed up what many in the school system are feeling, “I feel a sense of normalcy, of being in a routine that we’re all supposed to do. That was a good feeling because everything has felt out of whack since March.”

For Cody students and educators it’s great to be able to return to a near normal situation.


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yeah it's so great that school's back in session that you can see many of our students and our teachers are going to be infected with the carnivorous and they're going to end up shutting down anyway

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