To the editor:

Though I appreciate your addendum to the recent letter from Rod Hall in which you explain that all K-12 textbooks are available for inspection at the library before they are adopted, mere library access does not solve the problem.

Residents need to know (1) what new texts are being considered [I doubt anyone will want to challenge books on math or chemistry – it is social studies and American history where the left is engaging in wholesale revisionism poisoning youthful attitudes towards what most people worldwide consider the greatest country in the world], and (2) when the school board is scheduled to consider adoption of them [necessary for opponents to submit comments and to appear and voice objections]. The Enterprise could perform a public service by routinely publishing such information in a dedicated place in the paper [i.e., always after the opinion page in Cols. 1-2, or something similar–so readers always know where to look]. It is obvious that many “educators”, left to their own devices, will proselytize and propagandize rather than provide neutral and accurate information on our government, economy and history. Like never before, citizens need to insure that upcoming generations will understand how our government and economy work, and know both the good and the bad about our history.

(s) charles R.b. Kirk


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Scott Weber

When I was on the Cody School Board we experienced exactly what this letter writer is alluding to. We reviewed "textbooks" and "supplemental literature" that was highly disturbing to say the least. MANY parent complaints. MANY complaints from veterans and other shareholders who were present for some of the distorted historical revisions we viewed.

All of the texts were riddled with historical revision that showed the USA in a very poor light depicting us as war mongers, capitalist fools and one even said the USA started WW2! Unreal....

We went so far as to contact and complain to the publisher and demand retractions. In several instances a "study guide" for teachers (probably ignored) was printed up that presented the OPPOSITE view of what these wayward texts promoted.

We also sourced the "writers" of this anti-American junk writing and lo and behold guess who wrote this biased tripe? Liberal college professors. Pitiful.

Today's public school boards, supers, principals, teachers and staff need to realize why their student populations (and budgets) are down these days: Parents are NOT going to send their children to public schools that have teachers and texts that promote an absurd liberal agenda where America is portrayed to be "evil" or a place where there is hatred, racial divide, "unequal pay" and discontent with conservative principles or leaders.

All parents MUST review some of these texts. When I read some of these texts I sadly did not recognize my own country. Vast distortion.

One of the reading supplements had a title like: "The Polar Bears Are Dying" and it showed a large cartoon polar bear on a tiny ice flow. The whole absurd and twisted supplement of ten pages or so was how "global warming" was going to somehow melt the Artic and the bears would all die. You can't make this stuff up....

Other texts I have seen were reducing the Bill of Rights to practically nothing and squelching all personal rights. Example: One sidebar of a discussion of the Bill of Rights "summarized" the Second Amendment with only these words: "....the right of the state to establish a militia..."

Historical revision and downright inaccurate biased writings in our childrens' textbooks and in the speeches of liberal "educators" must be curtailed. As parents you need to not only review your students' textbooks and reading material, but question "guest speakers" who appear in the classrooms, assemblies geared to absurd liberal agendas and teachers' speeches to your students.

When I was on the board I had MANY complaints about what was being said to our students - some of it biased toward the liberal agenda or praising of a liberal president/concept, etc.

In one instance, in of all things in a Advanced Placement World History class, the teacher divided the room into half. The teacher said they were going to "debate" the Keystone Pipeline (this is when Obuma was acting as president). I got complaints about it as it was irrelevant in a WORLD history class and of course there you must teach to the test (none of the kids in this class got a 5, so go figure). A prime example of a teacher pushing the liberal agenda and ignoring the course of study...

That example and many more are why parents are taking their kids out of public schools and enrolling them in private schools, home schooling with proper texts and lectures and enrolling them in faith-based or Internet schools with proper texts and teachers.

It pays to stay alert and READ your children's texts and materials. When you see alarming writing or activities, contact your school super and/or school board members immediately.

The truth of our nation must be told with correct facts and documentation, NOT with a biased and inaccurate bent.

Stu Martin

“When I was in the board…”. Yawn! It was the worst board in recent history. You had a single purpose… not to make our educational system better but to allow teacher to pack in school. You cannot deny it Student Teacher Scott!

Pete Demoney

You mean that you want "educators" to teach YOUR version of government.

Alan Shotts

Which version would you suggest?

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