To the editor:

Cannabis is medicine, and I would invite any who believe otherwise to educate themselves. I am willing to help. Here are some points to consider about Wyoming’s National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws medical marijuana and industrial hemp initiative petition:

1) Successful signature gathering will allow Wyoming residents to vote yes or no for industrial hemp and prescription medical cannabis during the subsequent general election.

2) Industrial hemp would give Wyoming farmers a hardy low-input crop that produces animal bedding, textile fiber, renewable paper pulp, building or construction materials, a protein rich food for people and animals, healthy oil for cooking, supplements and refining into many synthetic products.

3) Medical cannabis provides symptom relief and disease abatement for many disorders including but not limited to: multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease, AIDS, cancer, seizures, Alzheimer’s/dementia, PTSD, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, nausea/wasting, Crohn’s disease, muscle spasticity, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness and more.

4) There has never been a recorded event of cannabis toxicity ending someone’s life, but states that have legalized medical cannabis have seen annual double digit percentage drops in both prescription opiate overdose deaths (24.8 percent) and successful suicides among the most at risk demographic (10.8 percent) as well as decreases in total traffic fatalities (7.9 percent) and alcohol-related roadway deaths (12 percent).

5) According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s study on drug and alcohol impaired driving, cannabis consumption did not statistically increase crash risk.

6) A study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health demonstrated the passage of state medical marijuana laws did not result in increased rates of use among the youth.

Anyone who would like more information, the references to the above statements or to discreetly sign the Peggy A. Kelley Wyoming Cannabis Act initiative petition, call B.J. Sondeno (307) 587-5003.



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