To the editor:

Cody is a welcoming town, and we should be proud that, while no newspaper is without bias, the Enterprise’s efforts to provide news with minimal spin is laudable, and their largely successful attempts to give multiple points of view as well as an apolitical summary of goings on is something we should be grateful for.

With this in mind, I would like to offer a correction to a characterization used in a story printed on Jan. 12. Antifa was described as “a militant left-wing anti-fascist and anti-racist political movement.” This definition falls egregiously short.

Antifa’s ideology rejects the Western liberal experiment and holds to Marxist and increasingly anarcho-communist conceptions of the world. They have violently taken over areas of major American cities, threatened far left political leaders for their failure to adhere to an increasingly radical left-wing heterodoxy, destroyed Democratic Party offices in Portland on inauguration day in protest of Joe Biden’s administration – an administration already proving to be the most left-wing in American history – for its conservatism, murdered people with opposing political views, toppled statues of Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and former slave Fredrick Douglass for contributing to a system rooted in white supremacy.

In our own state, an Antifa supporter set ablaze the Albany County GOP offices a few years ago, nearly killing several people in an upstairs apartment. Their tactics and – especially given the fluidity with which fascism is defined – their ideological opposition to even the presence of opposing viewpoints make them more aptly described as promoters of fascism than opponents. Due to their adoption of rebranded racial hierarchies, Antifa cannot be considered anti-racist using traditional understandings of racism rather than a neo-Marxist rebranding of that particular sin.

I hope our community pays close attention to the words we use to describe such groups.

(s) jesse campbell


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