To the editor:

Wyoming Gun Owners is run by Aaron Dorr (the Dorr brothers) of Des Moines, Iowa. According to their website, “contributions are unlimited, but are not deductible for income tax purposes.” Dorr and his brothers currently run, or are associated with, over two dozen online platforms which seek donations for their various, and often questionable, endeavors. They run operations in numerous states, including Iowa, Minnesota and Ohio. They were not known to many in the quiet corridor of Platte County until the recent primaries.

On June 4, 2020, Jeremy Haroldson launched a Facebook page announcing his bid for the seat in House District 4, which is currently held by Republican Dan Kirkbride. Prior to this date, there appears to be no public record of Haroldson voicing concerns about threats to 2nd Amendment rights in Wyoming. Additionally, there is nothing mentioned on his Facebook page for the entire first month of its existence.

On July 15, however, Haroldson posted a video that would startle and amaze viewers – a heavy-handed and accusatory video created by Aaron Dorr, who in a matter of minutes was able to malign Kirkbride and his many years of reliable representation.

Haroldson’s somewhat mediocre platform was suddenly ignited as he was transformed into a protector of our (allegedly) threatened gun rights, mere weeks before the primary.

The National Rifle Association calls Aaron Dorr a “scam artist,” and Rep. Matt Windschitl of Iowa, in a public address, exposed Aaron Dorr as a liar.

Despite this and numerous online sources exposing Aaron Dorr as a flim-flam artist, Haroldson defends him. He won the primary, but it was a victory tainted by a careless treatment of truth.

I hope in the future our political contests can avoid the temptation of using dubious sources and means to affect our elections.

(s) robert melton


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Gunrunner Auctions

As stated by a HUGE liberal....

Wyoming Gun Owners is our state firearms lobbying group and they do a great job of analyzing the various candidates in any given election cycle. Aaron Dorr's highly effective and highly accurate video tapes were a highlight of this election cycle and helped many conservative candidates win. This is what lobbyists do.

I would challenge Mr. Melton to "check" (all public information) where the various Cheyenne lobbyists have their headquarters. Check them all Mr. Melton- oil, gas, mining, air ambulance, wildlife, hunting, firearms, agriculture, etc. Mr. Melton cites NRA and their headquarters are in VA and DC. Hmmmm…. So much for that thread of argument.

Mr. Melton is hinting that "lies must be made up" about firearm restrictions in Wyoming. No need Mr. Melton, there are plenty of anti-firearm bills that need Dorr's help to be defeated.

The "concealed carry bill" allowing teachers to provide the ultimate in security for our children in Wyoming schools passed and now Cody and other schools are well protected. Dorr and the NRA had lots to do in terms of getting that passed.

Just last session there was a similar bill brought forth by conservatives with the aid of Dorr and the NRA abolishing the very dangerous "gun free zones". This bill will come back up until it passes.

In Park County we elected three good conservative state reps and one good conservative senator for the next two years. We've done our part in stabilizing Cheyenne in a crucial time.

Last session a RINO brought forth a pre-bill that required in the state of Wyoming "a three day wait" before a Wyoming citizen could take possession of a handgun. Dorr and our group made sure that suggestion would never be a bill.

Myself and many other gun owners have worked with Aaron Dorr and Wyoming Gun Owners. They are very intelligence, very easy to work with and highly effective. We will continue to contribute to them.

In fact, Mr. Melton has motivated me to mail in another large check to WyoGo this week. Thank you Mr. Melton.

Fox Blue River

"The "concealed carry bill" allowing teachers to provide the ultimate in security for our children in Wyoming"

If you move back to Ohio, I for one will feel much safer.

Joe Battin

I could not agree more Fox... Brunton is missing their favorite son!

Joe Battin

The difference is... we don’t live in fear!

Jim Jones

You'd think The Cody Enterprise could find enough leftist/progressive anti-gun opinions in Cody, Park County or even The Big Horn Basin without resorting to importing them. This letter leaves out a lot of facts and is full of innuendo. Yes, contributions to Wyoming Gun Owners are unlimited and are not tax deductible. This is supposed to be bad? Wyoming Gun Owners is a 501c4 organization. If Robert Melton of Cheyenne has a problem with 501c4s, I presume he also has issues with 501c4s like the AARP, the National Organization for Women, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the Center for Community Change, and the Sierra Club - all good leftist/progressive organizations. Here's Wyoming Gun Owner's YouTube channel: If you actually watch the videos, you'll see Arron Dorr specifically calling out elected officials' voting records on the Second Amendment. Once again, it seems liberals and RINOs prefer that their voting records remain free from scrutiny. They can't win on their records so they scream about the demeanor of the person bringing their votes to the public. "Mommy, he called me a RINO and a swamp monster!!!" Leftists like Robert Melton of Cheyenne want you to vote for the civil, polite candidate who speaks with a modicum of decorum while trampling our Second Amendment rights. Robert Melton of Cheyenne is mad because Wyoming Gun Owners somehow cheated by bringing Dan Kirkbride's voting record to voters.

Fox Blue River

Calling people RINOS reveals a lot about your character. No politician should be beholden to a political party, they should represent the public.

Personally I would like to take your assault rifle away from you before you hurt yourself or somebody else in some sort of bizarre alt-right political mayhem.

Fox Blue River

The NRA calls Dorr a "scam artist?" Sounds like he is just following their very own playbook of taking outside money to finance political campaigns, eh comrades?

Jim Jones

The board of directors of Wyoming Gun Owners is 100% Wyoming residents. Dore is a paid lobbyist for the organization who happens to live out of state. He's pretty effective.

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