Last week Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon and Secretary of State Ed Buchanan invited the National Rifle Association to consider relocating its operations from Virginia to Wyoming.

We concur and we believe Cody would be an ideal choice for the location for the NRA headquarters.

The invitation letter sent to the NRA outlines the case for the relocation including Wyoming’s business-friendly tax environment, the state’s workforce and Wyoming citizens’ strong support of the Second Amendment.

In addition, Gordon said the state’s great hunting and other outdoor opportunities make Wyoming the ideal place for the NRA’s headquarters.

That’s where Cody as the site for the headquarters should be one of the top choices.

Cody offers sufficient airline service. Cody has the prime location for outdoor-related businesses. Cody already has a firearms manufacturer in Gunwerks. Cody has an aggressive economic development organization in Forward Cody. Cody offers many amenities such as the Paul Stock Aquatic and Recreation Center and other recreational opportunities plus good schools.

Even people who are not supportive of the Second Amendment should want an organization like the NRA to headquarter here. Those kinds of organizations are great for the economy, providing a large number of high-paying, year-round, white-collar jobs while having little or no impact on the environment.

Those are exactly the kind of jobs Cody should be recruiting.

We join with Gov. Gordon and Secretary of State Buchanan in urging the NRA to move to Wyoming and we believe Cody is an excellent choice for the headquarters.

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Scott Weber

Two corrections on my comment: The NRA was formed in 1871.

Yes, it gets tiring to hear from citizens in foreign countries who have lost their gun rights. They want to possess firearms and use them freely, but they cannot. They LOVE to visit our free country and shoot our machine guns and handguns - all items they see on international TV or the movies.

We are on constant guard to lobby away any new gun laws or restrictions in this country. NRA is strong and getting stronger each day. We believe in a strict interpretation of the Second Amendment.

Scott Weber

First, "we" is being properly used in this editorial as it means and has always meant since the 19th century as the "editorial we".

Let's get real. The National Rifle Association is never going to relocate to Cody. They need quick access to a major airport to get to DC or any state in which they are lobbying. Cody's smelly old aging jets don't fit the bill... Yes, these NRA executives and their entire tribe are big city folks. Dallas or Houston is a better fit....

As the old NRA ads proudly spouted: "I'm the NRA." And then it pictured a policeman or policewoman, a hunter, a guide, a competitive shooter as well as the average family man or woman. The NRA is not, as hyper liberals like to shout from the mountain top some kind of "bogey man" or "merchant of death", but rather quite opposite. They are the "good guys" and they lobby and support the "good guy" causes like competitive shooting, safe firearms handling, hunting, law enforcement and its officers and the stoppage of all further firearm laws and restrictions.

The NRA since 1971 has protected your Second Amendment rights. Many people who criticize the NRA have never been in a foreign country where firearms are restricted. Here's an absolute: Once your rights are gone THEY WILL NEVER BE REINSTATED.

When the tourists come to Cody every summer not a week goes by that I don't have someone from the UK or Germany or Italy crying the blues about "their lost firearm rights" in their countries.... I say to them: "YOU gave your rights away and didn't fight. They will never come again.... Here in the USA we have two things you didn't have: The Second Amendment and the NRA." They ghast their teeth and cry and can't believe the freedoms we have here. Thank you NRA.

Lobbyists like the NRA are NOT nice to liberals and those who seek to infringe on the Second Amendment. That's what we pay them for! No good lobbyist is nice - rather they will use everything in their arsenal (no pun intended) to DEFEAT firearms restrictions and they will interpret the Second Amendment as it is written.

As to NRA's head man Wayne LaPierre: I have on several occasions sat down the Wayne and asked him the hard questions. He was very helpful to us in getting Ohio's concealed carry law passed after a ten-year fight in the legislation. Wayne LaPierre is the REAL THING. He is old-school (doesn't know how to run a computer and uses lots of yellow paper), razor sharp mind, great connections all over the world and is a street fighter of the first degree when dealing with liberal legislators and presidents. He wins. He produces. He was the leading force in recruiting Charleton Heston, Tom Selleck, Ted Nugent, Donald Trump, Chuck Norris and other celebrities to rally for the Second Amendment and NRA programs.

Those who don't understand how lobbying works, criticize LaPierre's leased mansion, his $5000 suits, African safaris and private plane. All of these are tools of a high-level lobbyist like him - he goes to the White House to meet with presidents and visits the legislature. He has relationships and solicits donations from people like Donald Trump and he has to be dressed right. He has to have a nice home outside DC where he can host parties and dignitaries. No foul there.

The NRA is experiencing the largest growth in its existence since 1871. $100 million in the bank and 1000 new members coming every couple of weeks.

There is nothing corrupt about them. The NRA is me and it's you. We are fighting for the Second Amendment. Six million of us.

John Potter

It must be very trying with all those foreigners coming in ghasting and crying.

Scott Conger

Who is this "we"? The Author, the Governor and the Sec'y of State, or Is "we" a new singular pronoun that I haven't been introduced to yet? Other than needing a runway for his corporate jet, I doubt that Wayne is going to mix it up with the peeps from Chicago in the cattle-cars presently flying hither and yon. And TSA is so inconvenient to travelers trying to leave town with suitcases full of members' money, it makes the idea of driving so much more appealing. So many stand-up businesses worth and worthy of wooing...I'm pro 2A all the way, but this group of grifters ain't my cup of tea.

Justin Smith

"Even people who are not supportive of the Second Amendment should want an organization like the NRA to headquarter here"

This is one of the most nonsense articles I have read in a while. I fully support the second amendment and absolutely am disgusted with the NRA.

Having a pro gun rally down the street from Columbine high school two days after the massacre, accepting $30M from Russia and using it for political contributions, blocking background checks on gun purchase. Just a few things I can think of off the top of my head.

NRA encompasses a lot of what is wrong with the US political process.

Joe Whittaker

I'd agree...only if LaPierre was ousted. But this is all pie-in-the-sky dreams...the NRA won't move to Cody.

Dewey Vanderhoff

You really don't know much about the NRA - its structure, its operation , its management heirarchy - do you , JT ?

I will mention their current headquarters building in Fairfax Virginia is twice the size of the Cody Regional Health campus and populated by people who would run out of the room shrieking if they were told they had to relocate to Podunk, Wyoming. They are creatures of the Big City. Coming to Cody would be considered punishment.

For starters. ( and your demagogueic waking dreams are disturbing )

Tom Conners


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