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Richard Ashley

You know in your state they make fun of Republican politicians all day long at events and then some? Isn't this a double standard?

Greg Gaspers

Sorry you folks were offend by the announcer's joke, but I think you need to put your "big girl pants" on and get over it. I clowned rodeos 45 years ago, and we were making jokes of celebrities, politicians, and each other all the time. If we can't laugh at ourselves it will become a sad world to be in. Don't life so serious.

Thomas Lewis

When my wife and I spend an evening taking in the rodeo, the last thing we want to be reminded about is politics. The letter writer is spot-on with her comments. Truth be told, she speaks for many visitors and residents of Cody.

Scott Weber

I would bet this letter writer from New York had many "names" and "funny jokes" about President Trump when he was in office. What a hypocrite. Stay in NY. You don't understand Frontier humor...

Matt Winslow

Wait, you just made something up about this person, then started calling them names based on the attribute you imagined. How does that even make sense?

Heather McMinn

That is so completely inappropriate. While we may not agree politically, treating the current President with respect (whoever he may be) should be a core American value. Also, I feel that we as a city are skating a pretty thin line about being welcoming to the tourists despite the fact that their support is crucial to many of Cody's small businesses. We can do better.

Eric Mills

Regrettable, but hardly surprising. Consider this statement from an 18-year-old Oregon rodeo queen:

"What me and my rodeo friends really hate are Democrats, environmentalists and gays." (--in the 2002 book, "Rodeo Queens and the American Dream," by Prof. Joan Burbick)

Wesley Hollinger

Thank you, I say this all the time and even though I’m on the more conservative side for most political issues, I find it very unwelcoming because I think it’s just uncalled for.

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