It’s refreshing to see the City of Cody has funds to accomplish some of the projects it didn’t have the money to do previously.

Money to replace carpeting, renovate front administrative desks, hire a community service officer and purchase tablets for city council and planning and zoning members is now available.

That’s the good news. 

But the reason funds are available is one of the major reasons inflation in the U. S. is running at 8.5%. Blame the second Covid relief bill passed in March 2021.

In principle, every dollar handed out by the federal government for Covid relief should be used for expenses directly related to Covid expenses.

It should not be used for carpet, desks and computer tablets.

However, because the federal government last March was just throwing money around with few restrictions on how it was spent, those kind of expenditures are being funded in states and municipalities across the nation.

If every state, county and municipality that received Covid relief funds were as principled as some of the individual businesses that returned the Covid funds allotted them but not needed for Covid relief, inflation would not be exploding.

No government entity is dumb enough to return federal funds with no strings attached, so despite being an honest and principled act, it would be futile. One small government entity returning funds would not make an iota of difference.

Unfortunately, we are all paying for this bloated spending now through inflation, and our grandchildren and their children will be paying on the soaring federal debt for the spending today.

If you are seeking an explanation for the rapidly increasing cost of consumer goods, one of the major reasons was the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.

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