To the editor:

I am a human being.

Over the coming months, we will hear these or similar words, softly spoken through the tears of fear and frustration by our fellow Wyomingites. At every turn, the devastation and shame felt by the poorest among us will grow in intensity.

Most of us will react to these events with surprise. How did this happen? Where is our representation? Are not the poor, the ill, the children and the elderly deserving of our compassion?

When the time comes, and come it will, what will happen when a child can no longer receive life-sustaining medication or the father who has been the family breadwinner faces a slow death penalty at the hands of ALS? 

Who among us will give a hug to the mother and her children who desperately seek much-needed relief from the attacks of a brutal abuser? 

Our words of solace to her, “Hang in there, just be strong.” How can we forget that older adult who isn’t ready for a nursing home, but that is the only option left for them? Lest we forget, that innocent person facing a trial without adequate legal representation.

Gov. Mark Gordon, all of these examples and many more will be the result of your “Devastating but Necessary” budget cuts. The one question should include how did this happen? Indeed those charged with budgetary projections should have seen this coming. Why, Gov. Gordon, did you target those least empowered and most vulnerable among us?

Your statement released in an Aug. 25 press release reads, in part, “I recognize the impact these cuts will have on Wyoming families, and I am truly saddened that we had to make them.” What is the most insensitive and uncaring result – People are going to die.

(s) jim aldrich


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Jim Jones

Here we go again. Apparently nobody in Cody, Park County and The Big Horn Basin cares to bash the governor so The Enterprise has imported yet another comment from another outsider. This time, it's Jim Aldrich of Cheyenne who posits those in charge of budget forecasting should should have seen it coming. Literally nobody on the planet with the possible exception of a few Chinese lab workers foresaw Covid-19. The drop in oil, gas and minerals is tied to lower demand as a result of worldwide Covid-19 lock downs. Jim Aldrich of Cheyenne does not cite any specific budget cuts that could actually kill Wyomingites in any proposed or enacted legislation but he wonders who will hug the mother and children seeking relief from the hands of a brutal abuser? May I suggest Jim Aldrich of Cheyenne as the bright shining example or morality, fair play and concern? I'm sure he's hugged hundreds of suffering people. After all, it doesn't cost anything to care as much as Jim does.

Joe Battin

And you Jimmy are the model for empathy and caring! Which we could all be more like you!

Jim Jones

Tell me what you have done for your fellow Wyomingites, Joe. Please list just one of your contributions to society.

Joe Battin

Hmmm must have touched a nerve Jimmy John! Born, raised and served this great state and various cities in the sate the last 40 years. I have yet to read a positive comment from you Jimmy John... serial complainer?


Rather than cutting back on the big salaries of the powers that be, they cut back on the most unfortunate. These cutbacks should start at home, our top heavy gov't.Wyoming is one of the last great conservative holdouts. Let's use your wisdom wisely rather than in haste.


I am glad that there are empathetic and passionate folks in this world. However, the story told here paints with a broad brush the sadness that cutting spending will create, which could have been told 6 months ago prior to any budget cuts as well. I don't know about any of the other examples, but regarding ALS, who ever has been cured and did not die from it? None of it's unfortunate victims has ever been cured via taxpayer funded anything, so far as medical records have shown. That was perhaps one example too far.

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