As I’ve embarrassingly admitted previously, there are times my mind wanders in non sequiturs. 

When one is prone to over-think things anyway, this additional trait can be most annoying. Hence this was the situation one day when I had to make a relatively short drive for an appointment. As is my habit, I was listening to my audio book, when I realized I had to rewind as I had not heard a word. 

My mind was all over the place asking rhetorical questions about the world situation, family, my trees and flowers and other unconnected things. As we know, our memories go through adjustments with each passing year. Memories of our childhood, teen years, school and relationships form patterns which may or may not have a true relationship to actual events. Some people have detailed memories, as is the case with my brother. 

Some have more vague and eclectic pieces that remain, which is usually my case. So as I was dealing with a barrage of those rhetorical questions and thoughts, I tried to keep in mind that my memory may be flawed. Some of the musings:

I remember when the U.S. Postal Service was never in the news. It just worked without much fanfare. No previous administration ever thought to put in a political hack with no past relationship to the P.O. to oversee such an integral function that is truly a public service to everyone. 

Santa Claus was proven real in “Miracle on 34th Street” because of the public service provided by the USPS.  Why do some always think everything should be “run like a business?” Only 25% of new businesses make it to 15 years or more. With that success rate, or lack of success rate as the case may be, we may want to remember that public service and private enterprise are by their nature different models and serve different purposes.

A militia needed in Cody? I wonder why. I attended the gathering at City Park in early June. Kids, teens, senior citizens were there to listen to speakers, applaud the chief of police, kneel in silent thought or prayer and slowly walk around the block. 

I’m not sure those who participated gave much thought to the fact that some actually feared a peaceful gathering of neighbors and fellow citizens. Who’da thought? 

If memory serves, the participants weren’t the ones with weapons. I wonder how the sheriff and city police feel about the idea that some think they aren’t capable or trusted to protect us, so an independent group will decide to intercede? 

Wonder when that will be? Since all of us are allowed to make “citizens arrests,” I wonder what makes them special? I wonder how someone will feel or react if stopped, questioned or intimidated by this new group of … what are they again, exactly?

I need to review my presidential history. Did anyone question Bush 41, or 43’s citizenship? Reagan’s? Anyone question Johnson’s or Nixon’s? Anyone question Trump’s? 

What is the common denominator of those whose citizenship has been challenged? Anyone questioning lineage of the Founding Fathers these days?  

As usual, these rambling thoughts are exhausting.

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yep you are exhausting no public official in Cody Wyoming like that should bow or kneel down to Black lives matter as far as I'm concerned all lives matter

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