Kudos go out to the City of Cody for its Clearly Cody online project, which allows a great deal more transparency on how your tax dollars are being spent.

That being said, we would still like to see even more transparency.

In the past, the only easily accessible information on how the city spent your money showed thousands of dollars in a lump sum payment each month to a credit card company.

Now with the Clearly Cody website, it is easy to see each purchase and a category in which the money was spent.

On the website the “Open Checkbook” tab under the “Fiscal Responsibility” tab information shows payment to a credit card for an amount and a description such as “Association dues and memberships” or “Industrial supplies.”

In all probability, these are legitimate expenditures.

However, we feel it is important to include where the item was purchased in addition to the name of the credit card company where the check is going.

Was the item purchased online, in Billings, in Cody or Powell at a family member’s place of business? What association or organization is receiving dues from the city?

A simple addition to the website line item that listed the name of the business where the item was purchased would add a tremendous amount of transparency.

That would also add another level of assurance that nothing untoward is happening with your tax dollars.

We are not questioning the legitimacy of any expenditures. We are only looking at transparency.

We are greatly pleased to see the “Open Checkbook” information on the Clearly Cody website.

We applaud the city council’s goal of increasing transparency. 

We do, however, urge city officials to be even more transparent on how your tax dollars are spent by telling us where they spent them.


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Leslie Brumage

Transparency in government is very important to the City of Cody and the Clearly Cody project resulted from many months of research, development, and implementation. What is currently on the site is just our starting point. Over the next several months we will be adding additional information and features to make information about the City more accessible. Your thoughts are important to us and we would like your input. Click the Feedback icon on the main Clearly Cody page and let us know.

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