To the editor:

Unlike last year when chaos was caused by board politics regarding the harassment of valued staff, the issue is now about a complete disregard for the Senior Center’s active members and long-held traditions by newly hired staff.

The most recent “straw” that illustrates this point is a letter from the current director to some members. The letter was found, by almost all the members that I spoke to, to be highly offensive and disrespectful to the card players. 

The letter states that the “all purpose” room is now designated space for senior center staff and not for the many activities that have benefitted the members. 

This conversion by the staff was completed during the recent closure without any input from members.

I talked to a board member who stated there have been two board meetings since the Senior Center closed, and this was not discussed or approved by the board. The minutes of the two meetings have not yet appeared in the monthly newsletters as is required.

Furthermore the letter from the director states that cards will be played in the dining room starting at 1 p.m. and those who do not eat lunch at the center should not arrive before then. This means we will miss the live entertainment and guest speakers.

On May 24, 2020, the Cody Seniors Inc. Pinochle players crafted a three-page letter to the CCOA director detailing these same objections. Copies were sent to the chairman of the CCOA board, city manager Barry Cook, county commissioner Lee Livingston and a state representative of Senior Affairs in Cheyenne.

What do we do next? Perhaps we should plan a rally in the parking lot. We could push our walkers and wheelchairs, carrying signs reading, “Senior Lives Matter Too.” Or do they?

(s) cliff bryan


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If this is an accurate portrayal of the current situation at the Senior Center, it is a shame. The staff is there for the participants / not the other way around. Our seniors are a very important part of Cody.

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