I think we can all say it has been a long year. It was this time last spring when most everything, from schools to restaurants, were shut down and many were sheltering in place at home.

This spring, it’s good to see that while things aren’t back to what they were before the pandemic began, they are on their way. One of the many indicators is the increase in activities in recent weeks. 

From the Cody Middle school play, vintage market and grand opening celebration of the Park County Animal shelter  and Cody High School prom last weekend, there are more events people can look forward to on the horizon.

In the next few months annual events like Cody Fire School, the Yellowstone Fire soccer tournament, Best of the Rockies Horse Sale, Garage-A-Rama, Wyoming Outdoorsmen Banquet, and dance recitals from both the Cody Center for the Performing Arts and Rocky Mountain Dance Theatre are a go.

And bigger events that were postponed, cancelled or drastically modified last year are back including the East Entrance to Yellowstone opening on time, and in-person graduation ceremonies at Northwest College, the University of Wyoming and Cody High School.

We expect this trend to continue as more people are vaccinated and restrictions lifted. 

The Cody community has always been one that offers a lot of great entertainment and family fun all year round. It was sad for many of us to see that go away last year, but we’re happy that so many are coming back.

Start marking your calendars and check out some of the fun events ahead.


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