To the editor:

I recently read the negative political advertising against Nina Webber in this newspaper and listened to it on the radio. 

I find it appalling when a candidate for office runs out of good things to say about themselves they switch to saying bad things about their opposition. 

Moreover, I was surprised to see the negative ad in the Cody Enterprise missing the source of the advertisement. One would think in this divisive era consuming our nation a sitting representative could rely upon her voting record instead of vague, misrepresented bullet statements in an unsigned advertisement. I would encourage the current representative from House District 24 to clean up the tone of her campaign.

(s) vincent vanata



(Editor’s note: The ad that ran on page 3A of the July 16 newspaper was one ad paid for by the Friends of Sandy Newsome. An updated version of the same ad can seen in the July 21 paper on page 7A.)

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Joe Battin

“That’s not the way it’s done in Wyoming” You are from Ohio, not Wyoming!

Gunrunner Auctions

Mr. Vanata is correct - the untrue attack boxed ad did NOT have as required by law who paid for it (have a look for yourself). Rather, "Paid for by the friends of Sandy Newsome" was in another boxed ad BELOW the untrue attack ad. BIG DIFFERENCE. Yet another deception of these false ads - trying to pose them in a way that the writer(s) of the top ad could not be known. Very fraudulent.

It should not require the Enterprise to LATER explain who paid for the ad - rather that is the law and the author line MUST appear on the bottom of each ad.

This seems like an election violation and will be reported to the state. This very false accusation that Nina Webber did anything wrong in handling the Hot Springs hospital matter is absurd. The hospital attorneys missed the deadline and hence no filing could take place. Actually Nina Webber, the Hot Springs County Attorney and the Hot Springs County Commissioners were heroes four years ago when the hospital screwed up filing preparations as they requested from the State of Wyoming to obtain a grant equal to what the hospital would received tax-wise so they could immediately commence with their upgrade/remodeling. Today the hospital is sound because of this assistance.

Actually Sandy Newsome KNOWS the accusation against Nina Webber is false as last week she drove down to Thermopolis and met with the former Hot Springs County Attorney and he told her exactly what happened - EXACTLY how Nina explained it.

I am waiting for a retraction from our HD24 rep. She and her merry band of camp followers fabricated a "story" and were WRONG about a competitor.

That's dirty pool. That's not the way it's done in Wyoming.

P Demoney

Again we are hear from B-.

P Demoney

Oh, my stars! Let me clutch some pearls. Do you have the same feeling about the trash Ms. Webber's campaign spokesperson has been throwing out on various local FB pages?


Vinnie- you and your party need to lead by example on that whole " negative politicking" thing...

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