COVID-19 just won’t go away – the Friday announcement that President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump tested positive drives that home. Locally, case tallies from the public health department have actually risen somewhat in the last week and while most people who get the virus recover well, we still have hospitalizations and have had two deaths in the county.

Still, people, businesses and institutions in Cody have, for the most part, done a great job in rebounding from all of the issues the pandemic has caused. We applaud teachers and staff who have worked to be able to start the fall semester in person, to have Rendezvous Royale and high school sports, and to be able to patronize our favorite restaurants and stores.

We are most in awe over the places and people who have bounced back after having to close or quarantine or were hospitalized. You displayed the very Wyoming ability to take a hit and come back fighting. 

The schools closed in the spring, but students and teachers were able to finish online. Now they’re back in class and dealing with the inconveniences because being in school is worth it.

Hospital staff have worked around a positive case in their midst to continue to take care of others. Thus far, an employee testing positive at the Long Term Care Center has not led to any spread among vulnerable residents.

The organizers of Rendezvous Royale could have thrown in the towel, or at least gone all online, and it would have been understandable. Instead, they worked out events that allowed for more social distancing and the ability to be outside, which leads to less spread of coronavirus.

Local sports have also found a winning strategy. Golf and tennis both concluded fall seasons already and no sports have yet been unable to play due to positive cases, even though there have been a few. 

Our businesses have also been able to bounce back, whether from severe restrictions early on or having to temporarily close due to employees testing positive. Hopefully when these businesses reopen they’re greeted by many customers grateful that owners were willing to take a financial hit to keep employees and customers safe. 

So, while the number of COVID-19 cases may not always look great, we’ve shown an ability to minimize outbreaks and bounce back. That’s something to be proud of.


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