The community needs help making sure we have a Fourth of July celebration to remember.

The Cody Chamber needs help paying the balance of the cost for the Independence Day fireworks.

The City of Cody needs a host of volunteers to help maintain pedestrian barricades for the July 3-4 parades.

Longtime volunteers who may be at higher risk need others to step up as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Downtown businesses need help covering the large drop in revenues.

The Park County GOP is looking for people to gather to celebrate our nation July 3 at Wyoming Veterans Memorial Park.

So, for those of us able and willing to be out-and-about during the festivities, we hope people volunteer, donate and participate.

And, because the virus seems to be persistent, whatever you do to participate, make sure to socially distance when possible and, in short, be good citizens during a time when being a citizen of this great country is on full display.

One of the easiest ways to help make this week a success now and in future years is donating to the Cody Chamber to pay for another fantastic fireworks show by Pyrotech Professionals.

Owner Chris Good and his team put in a lot of effort, and spend a lot of money, to produce a loud, colorful display north of the Shoshone River. The chamber pays half of the annual roughly $60,000 cost in January and the rest after the show, but the expectation is the funding comes not from the chamber itself but from businesses and community members.

So help make sure we have a fantastic Fourth. To donate, visit

Zac Taylor

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Fox Blue River

Sure, go volunteer and get breathed on by a bunch of selfish people who refuse to wear a mask that would stop 75% of covid-19 cases.


Due to the parameters of the pandemic, this year's Cody Stampede will be half-fast.

Jim Jones

You can always count on Dewey for his optimism and positive outlook on life. Without his negativity, what reason would Dewey have to live?

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