To the editor:

After my last letter demonstrated my irascibility over being told by others how best to treat my own illness, I felt it better to approach this writing with greater gentleness. 

To my chagrin, people seem to be able to over-easily dismiss scientific research in favor of personal presumption. However, no one can argue with what people experience for themselves.

I wish I could line up all of the patients I have met while circulating the Peggy A. Kelley Wyoming Cannabis Act petition. I wish every naysayer could face this vast crowd and hear their cries for relief from suffering. I wish those who don’t understand could have a conversation with any of the people for whom cannabis makes a significant healthful impact.

Imagine your grandmother, or your father, or sister, or son, or best friend. Picture them with unbearable pain and sickness. Would you not do anything to allay some of that suffering?

Now, please consider, what if they told you drugs and treatments of every kind had left them in worse condition with deteriorated health and a fear of the growing affliction; but, in their desperation they discovered cannabis worked for them. 

What if it improved their quality of life to such an extent that it was visible to you? Would you call the police to report their violation and stand by to make sure that “justice” was served and they were locked away, fined and appropriately robbed of their property? I doubt it. In fact, I suspect that a good multitude would even volunteer a felonious run to Colorado just for the sake of the loved one. 

So why not sign the petition so we can all have a chance to vote for medical cannabis and industrial hemp in 2018?

I would tell you all about the people who are still with us because they discovered cannabis and with it better health and hope, and I would bring out mourning for those who gave up cannabis to follow the rules and now lie dead as casualties of Big Pharma. I could describe thousands who are healthier as scofflaws, but I’m already over my word limit. So, please, if you have not signed the petition, register to vote at the courthouse, and call me at (307) 587-5003. I will collect. Thank you.

(s) Bennett Sondeno


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