To the editor:

In the article titled “County GOP tells Cheney, ‘You’re fired’” (Tuesday, Aug 10 edition), the following opinion was attributed to retired Senator Al Simpson: “the state’s local county parties are being dictated by Wyoming Republican Party Chairman Frank Eathorne Jr.”

Let’s back up a bit. The state’s local county parties (called central committees) are comprised of precinct committee men and women who are elected by the voters on the Republican Party primary ballot, plus five officers elected by these precinct captains. Three of these five officers - County Chairman, State Committee Man and State Committee Woman - represent each county on the State Central Committee.

State officers of the Republican Party are elected once every two years at the State Central Committee meeting in May. Chairman Eathorne was, in fact, re-elected unanimously at the state central committee meeting in May of this year. Chairman Eathorne is very popular and well regarded. How can it be claimed that Mr. Eathorne is a dictator when he was overwhelmingly voted into office because he is so trusted to carry the torch for the Republican Party?

If voters do not like anybody who is running for precinct committee man and woman in their precinct (or indeed any other position), they have the right to put their own name on the ballot. This is how the electoral process works.

(s) sheila leach


Public servants serve all

To the editor:

The Park County Republican Party’s proclamation that it “fired” Rep. Liz Cheney shows either that they do not believe they live in a democracy or wish they didn’t.

To fire her, they are presuming that Rep. Cheney works for them, not for the citizens of Wyoming. But Rep. Cheney works for the public – the entire public, all of Wyoming – just like all public servants. I believe we all learned this in our Wyoming middle school or junior high civics classes. That the bureaucracy of the Park County Republican Party believes that public officials are its private employees who should follow its orders is ironic coming from a group that complains loudly and often about government overreach.

That they are not alone in wanting public servants to serve just them, and not the entire public

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Pete Demoney

Whats the opposite of mansplaining? Femsplaining?

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