To the editor:

My mother remembers the day Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. World War II began and the country united against fascism in the defense of democracy. We were drawn together as soldiers, in service organizations, rationing, victory gardens, sacrificing and staying informed as we worked toward victory.

When “the boys came home,” an era of prosperity and fellowship followed. The country was victorious and the world was at peace.

When President Kennedy said, “We will put a man on the moon and return him safely to the earth,” national enthusiasm swelled. College enrollment in science and math soared. The United States landed men on the moon six times, an amazing achievement even to this day.

Now, we face wars on two fronts, COVID-19 and climate change. In the 1980s scientists discovered that chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) were depleting our protective ozone layer. The U.S. and leading industrial countries acted quickly. Harmful chemicals were identified and removed from ozone-destroying products.

The ozone layer is recovering while the heat-trapping properties of carbon dioxide and methane are largely being ignored or denied. So we are headed for human-caused climate chaos.

Our Constitution is tried and true. Our institutions are sound. Our research facilities and economists are the best in the world. Let us relax political attitudes and face realities. Rather than facing off, wouldn’t it be more patriotic to remember the times we came together, the manners we learned at home and the morality and fellowship we learned in church? Together we can overcome these threats.

It’s hard to watch the news with my mother. I worry that we are losing our status as “the shining city on the hill,” as Ronald Reagan put it. If there was ever a time to turn swords to plowshares, this is it.

(s) Geoff Baumann


Need a cure for selfishness

To the editor:

News is out that monarch butterflies are eligible for endangered species status due to precipitous population declines. Sadder still, EPA has insufficient resources available, so the butterfly was not listed and no national efforts will be launched for its recovery.

Media is dominated by politics and COVID-19. The global extinction crisis, a far graver issue, has been lost in the noise. Suicide rates among young people are skyrocketing worldwide. They have a horrifying prospect ahead of them, and some succumb to despair. I have seen many election cycles come and go.

Sometimes my preferred candidates won, sometimes they lost. The nation continues and adapts to change. We should all be rejoicing in the new vaccines, tests and treatments against the virus, which usher in a new world of medical advances. Unfortunately, we have not yet found a cure for the pandemic of selfishness and hate.

About those young people – attitudes of fellow citizens, especially those who are supposed to be role models, affect and influence us for better or for worse. Will the United

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Jim Jones

Your #1 agenda item on January 6, 2021 is the Monarch Butterfly? You can't be serious. Powell might have too much chlorine in the water.


to come together you have to have leaders that want to come together with everybody not just a select few it starts at the top

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