The Cody City Council took a significant step towards gaining passage of a one-percent general purpose tax by approving a resolution delineating how those tax dollars would be spent.

Last Tuesday, the council unanimously approved the resolution obligating the city to use the proposed tax money for a detailed list of essential services including items such as street repairs, IT equipment, building maintenance and more.

Historically, Park County voters have rejected general purpose taxes, including as recently as 2012.

Park County voters seem intent on knowing what their tax dollars are going to be paying for before they sign up to pay more taxes. They don’t subscribe to the idea of “give us your money and trust us.”

It is no secret government at all levels in Wyoming will be suffering from budget deficits in the coming years. Municipalities, counties and the state need more revenue. Budgets have already been slashed.

One of the benefits of the 5th-cent tax is that local governments get to keep 99% of the 5th-cent, whereas local governments keep less than one-third of the existing 4% tax they collect.

It is also estimated approximately 37% of a voter-approved 5th-cent tax in Park County would be paid by travelers from outside the county and would also be collected in that part of Yellowstone Park in the county. Additionally the general purpose tax needs to be approved by voters every four years.

Increased revenue is an absolute necessity.

The City of Cody took the first big step by committing to a list of necessary expenditures. The city councils of Powell and Meeteetse and the Park County commissioners need to follow suit.

Park County voters generally don’t like paying more taxes, but they will tax themselves a one-percent general purpose tax if they can be shown what they are buying.


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This format is too difficult to communicate with you all, I would be happy to chat with any of you, feel free to call my office.


Too bad my comment showing that the shortfall in the general fund is less than 2%. So, let's try again with different words that might make it past the cens*r software...If I can recall from my previous post it was less than $180K. Not only will the 1 cent tax far exceed the shortfall, If you cannot cut $180K from a $34,000,000 budget, call me. I balance my budget on far less.


The City and County both should be making MASSIVE budgets cuts before they even think of taxing the citizenry even one penny more.

Never, ever give a government money. They will only waste it and come back looking for more.


The last tax passed by identifying specific projects with fixed costs. The generalized list of shortfalls this tax would be used for is meaningless. Identify specific needs or programs with a dollar-cost and see if voters support that. For instance, School resource officers, what's the cost and is that something we really need? Let the voters decide on specifics.


Historically, the mineral industries have covered the majority of the costs of governmental services in the State of Wyoming. Those days are coming to an end and the cost is going to have to be paid through taxation of the citizens. If we want to dance we are going to have to pay the fiddler.

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Gosh Mr. Mayor I went to the city website and found out that Cody many MILLIONS of dollars of reserve funds! Just use that to get us through that very short period while the economy ramps back up and produces adequate revenue again. Raise sales tax 20%? Absolutely NOT! Those millions sitting in reserve is OUR MONEY Use it now. NO need for new taxes. I am a Cody merchant and do NOT want my customers charge 20% more in sales tax. It hurts sales and is not needed.

I note that our Cody state rep Sandy Newsome voted last legislative session to make the 5th Penny Tax PERMANENT. That is a scary thought...


Mayor - Thank you for that suggestion to actually look at the budget. The 1 cent tax is to be devoted solely to the General Fund, and it appears that the General Fund is projected to be shy of funding by a whopping 2% ($190K). Earlier in the week, I read that the citizens of Cody are going to feed every single child in public school. For Free. Not just poor children. Every. Single. Child. And now you're telling me that the city cannot trim $190K out of a $38,000,000 budget??? Think again.


It is temporary in as much it has to be re-authorized by us voters. But remember this. one penny will cost you $500 on that new vehicle.


That is accurate, 1% of $50,000 for your car would be $500. And yes the voters would be able to hold government accountable because it would be up to the voters to renew in 4 years


Local government has cut its budgets, this year the City of Cody cut 18% from its budget. As the article says the Council has passed a resolution stating where this money will be used, I encourage you all to go to the City website to educate yourselves, for instance, we want to provide School Resource Officers at the High school and middle school, things like that are worth one extra penny.


like I said Miss Tamara let's have a debate are you checking you can't answer any of them I posted on every article let's have a debate so the people know who you really are and where their taxes are going


let's let the people decide and sit of our city officials decide what they're going to do for our well-being let's debate


you make it sound like it's not a whole lot of money mat so when it comes time when I need some money I'll come to you and your regiment your posse let's debate let's see what the people really think


Lies heard all before let the citizens decide let's have a debate I'm sure they would like to know where and how there money is spent


costing the taxpayers to put resource officers in the school should not happen that should fall back onto the school system themselves they are the ones wanting them resource officer so they should pay for the resource officers yes 1% is a lot when you're dealt nothing but taxes what are you hiding debate Matt let's debate


I recall when this BS one cent tax was first was supposed to be temporary. So much for that lie.


I cannot raise my income one iota. I must live within my means, and my means alone. No one is coming to my rescue while I tighten my belt, and my family expects to carry on, regardless. Cody can, too, without further picking my pocket of increasingly scarce resources.


are marijuana seeds this to be a mini Jackson and get rid of the people that live here with medium income and not the elite income like him and his friends

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