To the editor:

Please join me in a prayer for the wild at heart trapped in a cage. 

The largest wild horse roundup in U.S. history is underway in southern Wyoming. When it’s over, nearly half of our wild horse population will be gone. 

For anyone who cares about animals, the roundup is heartbreaking. Wild mustangs are chased by helicopters into traps, where in an instant, their families and their freedom disappear. Once captured, these free-roaming animals are shipped off to feedlot pens that provide just 700 square feet per animal. 

Many will face a life of confinement. Others will be sold into the slaughter pipeline via a government program that pays $1,000 per adopted horse and is being abused by adopters pocketing the cash, and then dumping their animals at livestock auctions.

Taxpayers should also be concerned, as the costs for the roundup and lifetime incarceration of the captured wild horses will approach $170 million. Expect local businesses dependent on tourism dollars to be negatively impacted as well, because when the roundup is over, visitors will be hard-pressed to find a wild mustang in the area.

A viable alternative to this unnecessary and extreme federal action, humane fertility control can be used to manage wild horses in the wild, where they belong. The government just has to start using it to save taxpayer dollars, and most of all, to preserve these icons of the West that 80% of Americans want to save. 

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(s) tavia danch


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