It is an understatement to say Park County and the cities of Cody, Powell and Meeteetse need more revenue to operate.

But the question remains, will Park County voters approve a fifth-cent general purpose tax?

Revenues are already insufficient and future decreases are anticipated with the economic debacle in the state due to the pandemic shutdown.

Park County voters have always been reluctant to write a blank check to government agencies. They want to know if the county or city really needs the money and for what purpose.

We fully support a fifth-cent general purpose tax. We believe it is necessary. And we believe voters will support one also if – and that’s a big if – voters can be shown the necessity for the extra tax.

Officials in Park County need to let voters know that all possible cuts have already been made. It needs to be shown that the quality of services citizens have come to expect has been diminished and will take even more of a hit.

Voters need to know that sewer, water, street and road maintenance and police protection will suffer without additional revenues.

Park County and the municipalities of Cody, Powell and Meeteetse need to clearly show voters the necessity for the tax.

Voters easily passed the capital facilities tax several years ago when it was demonstrated to them why the money was needed and what it would be used for.

Park County voters have always been hesitant to buy a “pig in a poke.” They want to know what they will be getting when they tax themselves an additional penny.

A fifth-cent general purpose sales tax, which is paid for in a large part by tourists to Yellowstone and Park County, is a good deal easier to support than a statewide income tax that could be the alternative.


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Jim Jones

"We fully support a (a tax)..." I'm sure the owners and all of the employees of the Cody Enterprise agree. Absolutely. Did you even bother to ask everyone? Have you ever looked up the definition of pompous?


Only a penny, bought a new dodge truck last November and that penny would have been another $520? Yep only a penny.

Gunrunner Auctions

Just Park County ALONE has a $14 million reserve of OUR tax money just sitting there. Let 'em use that. That $14 million go there because of OVER TAX. I'm not even counting the HUGE reserve the City of Cody has or Powell..... More taxes? Not needed by a long shot....

Johnny Tremain

let's not forget, Forward Cody is need of more money to put up yet another building for another awesome company that no one vets......... keep spending, wake up taxpayer

Jim Jones

Will Forward Cody ever publish a report containing all of the projects it has been involved with, the total public money spent and an audit showing the current performance of each company which received public money? Were the benefits touted actually realized. You always hear Professor James "Harold Hill" Klessens talking up the next great project. He never seems to talk about Forward Cody's failures. How long before he pitches a prison for rent scheme in Cody?


Moved to Cody 42 years ago, when the sales tax was 3%. What do we need from government now that we didn't need back then?


Cut to the4 bone? Hardly, watch any maintenance crew. One or two workers and three or more to supervise.

Disgusted taxpayer

I recall when this penny tax was first implemented...they said then it was only a temporary thing...well...temporary is not in local vocabulary apparently.


Have all possible reductions already been made? I think not. Look at the budget for 2020 and see what you think.

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