To the editor:

Yellowstone Park Wyoming vehicle registration compliance update: Poor to dismal.

Our Yellowstone neighbors – private individuals and businesses – continue to disregard federal and state vehicle laws requiring them to register their private vehicles in Wyoming.

Recall in 2015 Wyoming began paying school tuition to the Gardiner, Mont., school district on behalf of students living in Mammoth because the National Park Service was short on funding due to the 2013 federal sequestration under President Obama.

In 2014, Park residents sent Wyoming taxpayers the tuition bill as per the Wyoming Constitution – the law. Schools are, in part, funded through vehicle registration – the law.

Now, school districts are facing tighter budgets.

On behalf of Wyoming schools, our federal and state representatives, county commissioners, and Governor Gordon must clamp down on Yellowstone Superintendent Cameron Sholly to enforce federal laws he is mandated to enforce. Period! School funding is a two-way street.

Currently, state and local leaders in the Wyoming tourism industry believe forcing subsidized park residents (room and board) to pony up school funding is a bad idea, in that Park workers would boycott and discourage Cody visitation and shopping, and they don’t make a lot of money.

According to some in the tourism industry, Park employees shopping in Cody is absolutely vital to the survival of businesses along Xanterra Boulevard (aka, Sheridan Avenue).

As a Wyoming taxpayer, expect higher school taxes. When was the last time Yellowstone cut you a break on admission on your way through to Idaho, or Xanterra didn’t charge you for a night at Lake Hotel and a lake trout dinner because you don’t make a lot of money?



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