Whether we want to or not, I think we’re all learning a bit about ourselves during this time of COVID.

We’re finding out if our patience is as thick, or thin, as we thought. We’re finding out if we’re claustrophobic. We’re finding out if we decide to clean everything to within an inch of its life or just go with the flow. We’re changing our shopping, eating, entertainment, sleeping habits. We’re in unchartered territory. We also pretend things haven’t changed and get irritated if people think we should do/not do certain things.

One thing I’ve noticed is that I seem to look at situations and come to the conclusion that there’s something wrong with this picture. It’s dawned on me that I’ve actually said that phrase out loud enough times that it became clear that I was repeating myself, so I decided to see if there was some recurring thing going on in my head.

The only thing most people seem to agree on these days is that 2020 can’t end too soon. This is the one aberration that we’re all experiencing together. But, like most things, we’re all seeing it a bit differently.

For me, there’s something wrong with this picture that masks have become battle lines on all fronts. Most wear seat belts, drive on the right side of the road, yield the right of way, and stop at stop signals. It’s become the way we behave in public when we’re all trying to safely get from point A to point B. While we know intellectually there are a few odd ducks out there who don’t like any rules at all, we have to navigate based on most people following most of the rules. When they don’t, usually tragedy soon follows.

There’s something wrong with this picture that some are still drinking the magic elixir that the election was rigged. The same person spinning this yarn is also taking credit for a secure election. Some things aren’t mutually exclusive, but some are.

So, the election is partially rigged? If the ubiquitous “they” pulled off a rigging, why didn’t they include insuring a majority in the Senate and no losses in the House? Since the margin of votes is greater than four years ago, how did they succeed in rigging this time, but not the last time? Funny how it’s rigged when they lose, but not when they win.

There’s something wrong with this picture when, after 10 months, the country is not prepared to do consistent, timely testing for COVID and communities are doing drive-thru testing with long wait times. In addition, this is just a snapshot in time so one could be negative today and positive two days from now. Even in our small burg of Cody, the line is long and limited.

I’m grateful that our local health care workers are out there now in the wind and the cold helping us get tested, if possible. Months ago a few national “leaders” feared testing would make them look bad. Look where we are now based on concerns other than for the public welfare.

There’s something wrong with so many pictures.

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Joe Battin

I get it, he and the gum runner were not born and raised in our little burg yet feel compelled to tell everyone how it is and should be done. They have no problem running down this newspaper, the schools and people of this town that chose to stay in state and work for a better Wyoming. It is a wonder this town prospered with out their input to the point that they wanted to pick up and move here! We know here they have been and it is now showing up on our door step.


It is mind boggling the amount of ignorant people in this country who refuse to adapt to the inevitable changes coming.Many of us lived through the McCarthy era in the 1950's and then the counterculture revolution of the 1960's and have survived..a lot of us went to Vietnam and came back to an ungrateful nation and have managed to "get by". Ignorance truly is bliss in this country anymore when so many are against anything and everything,Y'all should be glad you even have the freedoms you do,let alone push back against those freedoms.


Why is it that people seem to think that with the expiration of 2020, things will change? Kung flu or not, my family and I won’t be changing a thing other than figuring out taxes and cattle a bit better. You people and your mandated masks can keep living like sheep.

Sherry Taha

Couldn't agree more Jeanette Sekan. We need take a long, honest look in the mirror and see what we've become. Thanks for a thoughtful opinion piece.



Jim Jones

The absence of logic in this column is astounding.

Joe Battin

Your absence would be welcome witH open arms!


Jimmy is a transplant please forgive him

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