To the editor:

In a recent letter to the Enterprise a writer lightheartedly suggested that Walmart may require masks on cars since 2020 Wyoming highway fatalities and deaths due to COVID-19 are both at approximately 50 people. 

First of all I find it a bit difficult to be joking about 100 needless deaths of our fellow Wyoming citizens, but more importantly the writer completely missed the point of why our death and infection rate has remained relatively low. It is not that government and society have been overreacting as the joke seems to imply. Our COVID-19 infection and death rates are low because of the inconvenient rules and restrictions that most Wyoming people have lived with for the last few months.

Contagious virus diseases grow at an exponential rate if not seriously controlled. In Wuhan, or many other places of outbreak, the average person infected four others.  

Measles in the days before vaccines also spread in a multiple of four. By comparison an individual with the flu infects, on average, just 1.2 additional people. Do a bit of quick multiplying and you can see how a very small number of COVID-19 cases becomes a huge number in a few 10-day generations. (e.g. 4, 16, 64, 256, ect). Because of our relatively small and widely dispersed population, shutdowns and general compliance to smart protocols, Wyoming has been able to stop the exponential growth and hold our death rate to “only” 50.

I was in New Zealand in March when COVID-19 hit the island. The shutdown was hard and fast. My wife and I were on one of the last flights to leave. How did it work for them you may ask? 

New Zealand has 10 times the people (5,000,000 citizens) in the same land area as Wyoming. They have had a total of 22 deaths. At the end of their one-month lockdown, schools, sports, businesses are reopened and the island has almost no coronavirus. If we had kept our rate as low as New Zealand’s we would have only two deaths in Wyoming at this point.

As I look at the ads for political-office seekers in the papers I find it rather ironic that all promote themselves as “prolife,” but none says much about the coronavirus and how they plan to keep our illness and death rate low to protect and preserve the life of your mother, uncle, teacher, neighbor or you. 

Wearing a mask, social distancing and listening to our scientific experts is the way to save the lives and benefit our economy in Wyoming.

(s) dan white


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I believe you are correct about saying the government is't over reacting. Most of the rest of your info is wrong in my opinion.

First off the original letter you refer to was that there is as of now (Aug. 7) 27 covid deaths on Wyoming. There is over 50 car accident fatalities. Double the covid deaths. And the virus seems to be the biggest catastrophe in Wyoming and it isn't.

Secondly the reason Wyoming has been spared the high cases and death rates as some of the other states IS NOT because of the mask wearing and social distancing. It is because Wyoming's governor didn't send covid patients to nursing homes like the democratic governors of NY, NJ, Mi and other states did. Walmart and Albertsons requiring masks in late July is a huge over reach. If they were going to do that it should have been done in March.

Lastly if you want to talk about other countries, I will add this. India has 1.353 billion people. They have had 2.03 million covid cases. Half of the cases New York has had. Why is that you ask? In India most of the population takes hydroxychloroquine regularly because of the risk of malaria. But the US has banned it's use because it is what President Trump promoted. It would be against the liberal agenda to say Trump's idea fixed the problem.


India's 2.03 million cases if less than half of what United States has. Not New York.

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