To the editor:

Hello friends. I wanted to let you know about my experience with the new COVID variant that is running rampant in Cody and Wyoming.

Our mother is 92 and has six caregivers for 24-hour care.

One of mom’s caregivers got violently ill and three days later tested positive for COVID. Then my mom got a serious cough and became very weak with no desire to eat or drink anything. She has been in bed for four days now.

Today she and another of mom’s caregivers tested positive for COVID. We are down to just one caregiver who wants to be with mom. Four of the six have COVID. My sister and I will relieve this caregiver for a short time each day. We have both been vaccinated but will still wear a mask at mom’s and at indoor functions.

Mom was not vaccinated upon the advice of our other sister. Mom’s caregivers were not vaccinated except for one for various reasons.

The week before, my brother-in-law attended a party in Greybull and came down with COVID. He had been vaccinated and was only affected slightly by the virus – sneezing, feeling run-down, loss of smell and taste, which he later got back. If he had not been vaccinated, he no doubt would have been a lot worse.

Bottom line - this new variant is highly contagious and is very serious. If all this can happen in our family, think about how it is spreading throughout our town, state and the U.S.

I urge you to consider again getting vaccinated to stop the spread of this virus that refuses to go away without it.

(s) Gladys Price


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Mitch Asay

I don't appreciate being called an idiot. Tom show anyone the science for the vaccine that is not 100 percent and a booster shot come on. Before you start calling people idiots. Remember your the one that believes the hype of covid.

Scott Conger

Gladys, I hope your loved ones all get better. I also hope that you learn that every single vaccinated person on the planet also has the potential to spread Covid. Being vaccinated or not, will not stop the spread. At best, being vaccinated reduces symptoms. It's such a great vaccine, that the Surgeon General is now calling for yet a 3rd shot. I'm sure there will be a 4th someday, too.

Joanna Settineri

Being vaccinated with absolutely stop the spread. The point is enough people have to get vaccinated for that to happen. Otherwise, variants develop that do make the vaccine slightly less effective, but even so - still pretty effective overall. I'm not sure why you think needing a booster is a check mark against the vaccine... Many vaccines that exist today already require booster shots, and yearly flu shots also exist. Additionally, a vaccine that can only prevent the "symptoms" of getting pneumonia and being put on a ventilator is still one worth getting.

Scott Conger

Joanna, Johns Hopkins University and others have reported that vaccinated individuals can carry large viral loads and indeed CAN and DO spread the virus when thus infected. Since this virus also has animal hosts, it will never be eliminated. Ever. When we recognize this as Endemic, and start to focus on treatments, things will begin to return to normal, or as close to normal as things can get.

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