To the editor:

I am wondering who Liz Cheney works for and whom she answers to. By acceptance of the office it is supposed to be the voters of Wyoming who mandated her to support President Trump for better or worse. That would not allow her to vote for impeachment. 

Actually, since she seldom voiced support for him, she again set aside the voters’ mandate. Now Gov. Mark Gordon has named her as an integral part of the Wyoming delegation thereby condoning her behavior. Additionally on Cheney, along with Senators Barrasso and Enzi, released a joint statement in support of Mark Gordon’s California-New York styled barrage of new COVID-19 restrictions which are clearly not needed unless he thinks he is herding sheep. All this coupled with the Gordon-Cheney statement that they are “pushing back” against the pending socialist storm rising in the East is a harbinger that leaves a bad smell.

Liz Cheney needs to be recalled soonest. Mark Gordon needs to figure out if he really wants to be governor then put together a strong defense because the Harris administration will come, hard and fast, for Wyoming’s oil, gas, coal, First Amendment and especially Second Amendment rights. We can do better.

Wyoming, please pray, without ceasing, to our eternal God, listen quietly for His wisdom and direction then act. Thank you.

(s) Steve wood


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