Rendezvous Royale week is here once again, and while it will look different due to the pandemic, it’s good to see it wasn’t cancelled completely.

When Tina Hoebelheinrich, chamber executive director, recently spoke to the city council, she said those involved with the week wanted to keep it going to help local businesses.

“We are very aware of how hard this season has been on all our businesses,” she said.

 With the summer tourist season winding down, traditionally the crowd that comes in for the Rendezvous Royale is an economic plus for the fall shoulder season.

Yes, we know it will be smaller than in past years, but right now any increased out-of-town traffic is a good thing.

The Buffalo Bill Art Show and Sale has been moved from its usual Friday night time to Saturday afternoon. There will be limited entry at the event happening at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. However, to make up for that, there will be a larger viewing party on 12th Street outside By Western Hands. Auction representatives will be on hand at the second location to take live bids.

Those interested will also be able to bid on the auction remotely by phone.

The Saturday morning quick draw also will look different. Instead of being held at the Robbie Powwow Gardens, the artists will be set up at various locations around downtown. People can get out and enjoy the 21 artists’ work from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. 

The Art Walk has been moved to Friday, with people able to stroll through various galleries around town and admire the art. And the art classes that happen earlier in the week are also a go.

The only event that was completely canceled was the 44th annual Patron’s Ball. However, the silent auction that typically happens during the event is taking place online.

To find out more about the events, check out the Rendezvous Royale section in today’s issue of the Enterprise or go to


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