To the editor:

My dear Cody residents, as much as I love dogs, you and your personal pup are ruining the local walking trails. 

Nothing destroys a nice stroll like piles of dog waste every few feet. How considerate of you to kick it off to the side, but it’s still there for all to see and smell. We might as well change the name of places like the Paul Stock Trail. Due to the issue with the abundance of dog waste, a more appropriate name might be Poop Stock Trail. 

The fee-free area on the Lower South Fork Road? It’s nothing but a huge dog litterbox. The same goes for Hayden Arch Road.

I understand it is all organic and it may not bother you personally, but there are others who do not want to deal with the associated unpleasantness. Heaven forbid we accidentally step in it while trying to enjoy the scenery. It is not difficult to walk with a couple of plastic bags so you can clean up after your furry friend. 

Plastic bags only weigh a few ounces and they’re literally available everywhere. So are trash cans. Please folks, I implore you to take responsibility and start cleaning up after your dogs. This way, all residents and visitors can enjoy poop-free trails.

(s) gayle cochran wright


(1) comment

Viv McCord

That's great if the walkers remember to pick up the plastic wrapped bags o poo that they set on the trail, but really all you are doing is adding more plastic to the landscape if you forget or the landfill if you remember, Maybe you should pick up all the deer poo as well and wrap it in plastic

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