To the editor:

Us versus Them? When did such a division develop?

Is the future one of being forever set against each other? Is it coming down to a question of do it my way or I am not going to help bind the wounds we have?

Us and Them need to recognize that it is a “we” that is needed most critically today. We cannot wait a week, a month or a year. There are vital needs that must be addressed now, the pandemic being one mighty challenge facing us now. Perhaps you did not win what you wanted, but that is the story of life. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

Few, if any, get everything that they want. As I remember the words going something like this, “We the people of these United States....” It does not say, “Us the people...” or “Them the people...” The emphasis is that, as a nation, it is the power of the “we” that makes and keeps our nation the envy of the rest of the world.

Democracy is not a do-it-my-way or the highway. It is a strong sense of what is needed now that is best for all our people. Us versus Them? Not now, not ever. It is time to heal and work together for our nation’s survival. We – one people, one Nation!

(s) ray floyd


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Jimmy John’s, be careful the “liberals” are multiplying at an alarming rate... just last week it was only 6 in Cody that made you gnash your teeth and lay awake night! Now it is 12... to quote your bud... Oh the horror.. the horror! What are you going to do about it!


It is interesting to note that asking for cooperation and help in healing the rift in our nation has me classed as a sociopath. For those who know me, I am what can better be called an ultra-conservative. However, if one is set on winning and playing by the rules that change daily to fit their agenda, then I can see how that mistake could be made. I have hopes that those who wish to heal our nation outnumber those who wish only to have it their way. We need to work together, right, left, and center - our nation needs are far more important than the petty differences between "us" and "them".


Ray, yours is a voice of reason. Where were you for the last 4 years? Many of us have been longing for at least that long for everyone to get along and let bygones be bygones. I honestly agree with you, but why the rush now?

Jim Jones

When did this division happen? You can't be serious. For almost six years conservatives have been attacked verbally and physically, called deplorables, racists, fired for political and religious views. Children have been thrown out of school for statements supporting President Trump. Liberal social media has censored conservative speech and the president has been the target of a never-ending series of false accusations.

Now the left steals a presidential election and clamors for cooperation. The Left are sociopaths. Their condition is displayed in every opinion column in this paper. Self-righteous and oblivious to the harm they have caused this country for the last six years.

Now you realized you just may have gone too far and beg for peaceful cooperation. You have gone to far and it's too late. We're playing by your rules now.


More of the same...curious how you will justify what went on at the Capitol today?

Jim Jones

What exactly did you expect after stealing a presidential election? At least I live in Wyoming and the dozen liberals in the immediate vicinity have absolutely no impact on my life.

Disgusted taxpayer

Very good analogy of a nation slowly slipping beneath the waves.

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