The Cody School Board trustees may have a weighty decision to make at Tuesday’s meeting.

The issue at question is censorship of a book, “A Bad Boy Can Be Good for a Girl,” by Tanya Lee Stone, currently in the high school library.

Every time we hear the word censorship our ears perk up.

Censorship of ideas is such a dangerous, slippery slope that our country’s founding fathers made freedom of expression and ideas protected under the First Amendment.

It sounds good to censor pornography. It sounds good to censor how to build a bomb.

But who gets to do the censoring?

When Republicans are in power do they get to censor all liberal ideas?

When Democrats are in power do they get to censor all conservative ideas?

Who gets to make the decision of whether to ban the Koran from public libraries?

Could a different person or committee or even the same committee make the decision to ban the Bible?

Even though the district’s KEC committee handled the original complaint by parent Amanda Minor, that committee probably shouldn’t have handled that task.

The KEC committee is only tasked with what materials are taught in classrooms, not what is on the shelf in the library.

On one hand we believe Minor was wrong in asking the school district to censor a book.

On the other hand, we believe Minor did something very right.

She is concerned about what her child is being influenced by and what her child is reading.

But with the preponderance of sexually explicit material available on the Internet, parents have a tremendous job in keeping track of what their children may be looking at.

Apparently the book in question isn’t even a good book. It is seldom checked out of the library.

We hope the Cody School District trustees do what we believe is the right thing and take no action on the matter Tuesday night.


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