To the editor:

The following account is a warning to all Cody residents.

Last July I was awakened with light bulbs popping and flashing, accompanied by a strong smell of smoke. Later I realized the smoke was coming from my carpet burning because a surge protector was melting under my bed. It was obvious there was an electrical emergency. The City of Cody responded quickly to make the necessary electrical repairs for my residence, along with three other homes that were wired to a common power pole.

The 240 volt power surge, due to faulty equipment, destroyed my furnace, dishwasher, garage door opener, television, electric blanket, doorbell, light bulbs and several surge protectors. Needless to say, I filed a proper damage claim to the City of Cody.

Upon investigation by the City of Cody, it was determined the outage was caused by “a neutral lug on the secondary side of the transformer that had broken.” Their liability insurance (covered by the Wyoming Local Government Liability Pool) denied my claim because they found no negligence by the city’s employees and stated, “the equipment failure was beyond the city’s control because I live in a high wind area.”

I feel very fortunate my home did not burn down. However, all residents should be forewarned that this could happen to you.

(s) margaret walters


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Margaret- I strongly suggest you resubmit your claim with the insurance company . Insurors are well known for chacnery in approving claims. They always try to deny the claim at first . maybe even a second time. Then maybe they come back with a lowball oiffer of settlement. Say no to all three. Stand your ground. The arugument that this isn't covered because of an act of God or some other specious reason chan and should be challended. All insurance companies do this. Fight back.

Jim Jones

I feel bad for the damage to your home but there is nothing a homeowner can do about this type of situation short of disconnecting from the grid. The only possible warning is to talk to your homeowner's insurance carrier and find out if your policy or an ad on will cover this.

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