To the editor:

A letter by a reader published in the July 9 edition of Cody Enterprise, asserting that voting by mail is safe from fraudulent outcomes and enhances democracy, requires a response. 

Little research is required to generate voluminous contrary evidence. The author cites sanguine results for several states of which all but Utah are the bluest of blue states. It is unclear what fraudulent voting statistics mean when gathered from states where every elected official from U.S. Senators, to Governors to County Auditors and Comptrollers of Elections all have a (D) by their name. The author’s assurance that “automated validation systems” prevent ballot harvesting is another unsupported assertion. 

Recently the Wall Street Journal reports that one in five mail-in ballots had to be thrown out in Paterson, N.J., municipal elections in May. On the White House website one can find a 381-page report by a non-governmental think tank documenting voter fraud incidents from mail-in-ballot harvesting or absentee-ballot harvesting abuses, including attendant criminal indictments and sentencing consequences, state by state, for a couple of decades. (See 

How bad is it? It’s not getting better. The July 12 issue of the Washington Times features a story entitled “Dead Cat Gets Voter Registration Application in Mail.” The cat’s owner, Ron Tims of Atlanta, found the application in his post addressed to “Cody Tims.” 

Mr. Tims reports that his cat Cody (great name) has now been deceased 12 years. Can we doubt that had Mr. Tims mailed in the application on behalf of Cody that he would have been rewarded with a mail-in ballot for his deceased pet upon demand? 

Only the party that controls only the House through two election cycles is pushing mail-in ballots. We all know why.

(s) rod hall


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This simply promotes a bogus claim made by trump so he can challenge the upcoming election. It's a concerted effort to delegitimatize the vote where it isn't already suppressed, claim Chinese interference (where Russia has and is interfering), send federal troops into cities to bolster his law enforcement support all the while he and his attorney general violate norms and laws.


You used “The Heritage Foundation “ and The Washington Times as your sources? They are both far-right, conspiracy-theory driven publications/groups that don’t bother to let facts get in the way of their biased, ultra conservative reporting. Why not just quote Sean Hannity or Tucker Carlson? The fact is the Republicans are afraid if there is vote by mail they will lose the Whitehouse and the Senate because Americans are so disgusted with the lack of leadership during the pandemic, the blatant corruption, the children in cages, the paramilitary forces violently attacking innocent citizens in cities whose Mayors, Governors, Representatives and Senators have said they are against and the utter incompetence and authoritarian wanna be failure in the Whitehouse along with the sycophantic, lapdog GOP in Congress that enable his disastrous leadership.

Vote by mail is the safest way to vote, both due to COVID-19 and to prevent the Republicans voter suppression antics. Americans shouldn’t have to risk their health/lives to exercise their Constitutional right to vote. The rate of voter fraud with mail in voting according to non-biased, non-political


Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion...but...fact checking should be required before a letter such as this one is allowed.We all know why the "R"'s want the rigged/hack-able voting machines in place.

Fox Blue River

This is disgusting.

P Demoney

Might I suggest that you investigate which party has traditionally benefitted from the absentee vote?

Frank of America

1071 cases documented in that link, out of hundreds of millions. While one fraudulent vote is one too many, the chances of fraudulent votes swaying the outcome of an election are vanishingly small. Do the math folks.


Here is the math Frank.

In 2017-18, EIPCa sued the LA County registrar and California's SOS over similar findings. A settlement was reached in which the state agreed to begin removing millions of ineligible, inactive-status registrants from its rolls. While California counties research the eligibility of their inactive registrants, thousands of new voter registrations have been added through the state's automatic DMV voter registration system, growing the list from eight counties to thirteen. While San Francisco and San Diego counties have made progress by cancelling hundreds of thousands of inactive registrants, new counties joined the list as their new registrations have accelerated.

It really don't matter how many illegals vote in California though. The state only gets 55 electoral votes. Whether 1 illegal votes or 15 million vote. You liberals can still claim Biden should be president because he won the popular vote.


Ho hum ... just another extremist conservative scaremongering on the nearly nonexistent issue of voter fraud on orders from headquarters , Rush Limbaugh , or more likely Fox Noise.

Republicans know they cannot win if everyone gets to vote, nor can they win without cheating. Either way the GOP cannot bring itself to having a free and fair election. Mail ballots have been successfully used in many states. Oregon has voted exclusively by mail for 22 years. Even Utah does it. Mail ballots work just fine . You really should be asking why the orange primate squatting in the Oval Office and his minions want to do away with the Post Office. Connect the dots.

P.S. anyone who feels the need to quote the Washington Times, a largely dubious far right distorted conservative media muddler must have forgotten the paper was started by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon , self proclaimed messiah of the Unification " Church" and prophet to all the Moonies... many of whom had to be 'deprogrammed'. Methinks a lot of Trumpies need similar therapies.

Consider the source. Always. I don't know what to say about that cat thing...

Fox Blue River

This is what I would have liked to have said Dewey if I wasn't spitting at my computer screen.


To add to my earlier comment. According to the Brookings Institute, based on the study done by your Heritage Foundation’s study. For example, in Oregon, they had to go back 19 years to find 15 instances of fraudulent voting. It also showed that in all of the 5 states listed, the fraud consisted almost exclusively of simple individual fraud. One person here and there, most of whom were caught and prosecuted. The best example of large scale voter fraud was from a Republican candidate in North Carolina in 2018 where the candidate illegally collected absentee ballots. He was caught and convicted, the election overturned and rerun. So, I’m sorry but your Heritage Foundation link actually disproves you’re point.


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