As much as we’d like to forget about it and just go back to normal, COVID-19 isn’t just going away. 

If fact it’s been getting worse in recent weeks. 

Park County, which for three months had just two cases, has seen a surge in recent weeks, with 53 active confirmed cases and eight probable cases as of Monday morning. We have a total of 60 confirmed cases, which is concerning.

As the state continues to grapple with a spike in coronavirus cases, three broad public health orders that were set to expire last week were extended, with no changes, through mid-July. The extended orders still allow for opened businesses, large outdoor gatherings and indoor gatherings of up to 250, all of which are permissible under certain circumstances. 

It’s the first time in six weeks the orders have been extended without being loosened. 

“It is clear from the recent increase in cases statewide that the dual threat of COVID-19 to both the health of our citizens and the health of our economy is not going away,” Gov. Gordon said in a statement. “No one wants to see the progress we have made vanish, but that requires each of us to make a concerted effort to slow the spread of the virus.”

However you feel about the government’s response since the start of the pandemic and the broad restrictions put on businesses and individual freedom, coronavirus isn’t a hoax. It’s a real, contagious illness for which there is no vaccine and no proven treatment.

It is up to all of us to check our own behavior and to take responsibility for slowing the spread of COVID-19. 


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Our city officials should read this article


I went to WalMart over the weekend. If the shoppers are representative of people who would like to abate this pandemic, we are doomed. Not 10% wore masks.

Jim Jones

You'd be so much more comfortable in California ratting out those who don't wear masks. Like you do every single time and every single place you go out.

Jim Jones

What specifically are you doing to minimize the spread of Covid-19? I hope you're not one of those horrid do as I say, not as I do people. What specific measures are you taking without fail? If you're serious about Covid-19 and willing lecture us, the very least you should do is list every single measure you're taking. You are serious about this, right?

Fox Blue River

Jim Jones what planet are you from?

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