To the editor:

I have noticed that while my social media feed is full of my out-out-of-state friends protesting with our friends in the #blacklivesmatter movement, my Cody friends have been strangely silent.

I don’t understand this.

Do we think that we are exempt from racism? That Cody is small and perfect and diverse? I love Cody for many reasons, but its diversity is not one of them. Do we think that we are protected in our small town, that current events don’t affect us?

This movement should affect us. We should care about what is going on. The protests that are happening are the result of people like us ignoring countless voices and horrid events.

Police brutality is something that should not happen, but does. Institutional racism is something that should not be condoned, but is. White privilege is something that exists and something that needs to be abolished.

We in Cody need to raise our voices in protest along with our black brothers and sisters because we have the ability to speak where they cannot. I am not calling for violence, but I am calling for outrage. Outrage that people are unjustly being persecuted, prosecuted and prevented from living their best lives.

If a protest in Cody or the closest towns aren’t your thing, then think of how you can support them otherwise. This article is a good one and has many sources that you can donate to:

Contact the mayors of Minneapolis, Louisville and Cody asking how they are going to prevent institutional racism. Do the same with the governors of Minnesota, Kentucky and Wyoming. Demand justice.

Racism was never acceptable and it certainly isn’t now. It must end.

(s) laurianne senti


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Jim Jones

Please show me one instance of institutional racism in the United States in 2020. Or, in the last thirty years. The lady doesn't know the meaning of the term.


Such a bias letter and accepting of lack of facts just not worthy of a reply.

Fox Blue River

Meant to add so I wouldn't expect much out of this town.

Fox Blue River

One of the Cody Enterprise regular contributors wrote last week how the Rodney King beating officers did nothing wrong and another citizen regularly writes horrid racist nonsense like "Japanese Americans wanted to be put in to camps and it was okay." And our comments against it are usually censored by this paper.

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