To the editor:

I’ve been employed at the Cody Senior Center for 27 and a half years, working with somewhere between 10-15 different executive directors.

I wish to address some misinformation in a recent letter by Mr. Cliff Bryan. He mentioned “a complete disregard for the Senior Center’s members and long held traditions by a newly hired staff.” It is not a newly hired staff, only partial and two employees who departed have returned.

Cliff refers to a letter from director Jenny Johnstone-Smith, that he says was highly offensive to most members that he spoke to. I’ve read it, finding no offense. The director spoke of a change that will be made for the card players, but also provided for their ability to continue to gather. I would point out that much of the Senior Center staff are members.

Cliff referred to the room in question as the “All Purpose Room.” The room at the center that “is” for multiple purposes continues to be the dining room-cafe. The room he refers to has been used as office space many times throughout the years. We do not need board approval for moving offices.

Mr. Bryan complained about a request the director’s letter made, that states that if any card players were not coming for lunch and only coming to play cards, it would be helpful if they could arrive close to the 1 p.m. card-playing time, as parking is at a premium. He stated then they would miss live entertainment or guest speakers.

The director’s letter “did not” ask them to stay away from such activities if they choose to attend. Again, wrongly stated.

The letter from Mr. Bryan stated being in dining room would have noise distractions. We recognize that, and we have a beautiful moveable folding wall that can be shut for privacy. We plan to set up the card tables they prefer to play on, as an added service for them, as stated in the letter.

There’s been many years of director criticism, often cruel. We appreciate our current director and all that have served. Enough CCOA bashing.

(s) jim krubeck

Transportation Supervisor

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