To the editor:

Did anyone out there consider going to see one of the four performances of “Annie” but passed on it without having a good reason for doing so? I’m sorry to hear that? Here is what you missed.

We offer the following opinion coming from a couple married 58 years. 

And our experience comes with 12 years of crisscrossing America, Canada and Alaska and stopping at every live theater house we came upon. Our motor home would not let us move on until we attended the show. We’re talking about hundreds of theaters in our 12 years and all 50 states. We have seen it all. From most of the top musicals playing off-Broadway with their 40 and 50 performers down to a tiny two-person performance show with Charlton Heston and Carol Burnett -- every size, shape and age of theater we could find.

When we finished watching a live theater performance, we ask ourselves, “Did we enjoy it from beginning to end?” 

Based on our Pure Enjoyment Appraisal Factor, Annie ranked in the top tier of all shows we have seen in our 58 years together.

Plus Annie appealed to families and people of all ages. And hearing the music coming from a live orchestra added that final touch of mastery boosting Annie into the top tier. The small children sitting in front of us were delighted at what they were watching! I looked over at Judy, my wife, and her sister often, and their smiles told it all. Me too. It was two hours of Pure Enjoyment and gives us reason to smile the rest of this week having seen this show. We are proud to be a part of this community and the people living here. 

Nice job Cody.

(s) harley & judy rimer and sister bev 


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