In mid-January, Gov. Mark Gordon was proclaimed the most popular governor in the United States.

The elected leader of Wyoming beat out the elected leaders of 49 other states.

This was kind of like being anointed Mr. America, though it may be brief recognition since this survey is taken every three months. It is a very much enjoy-it-while-you-can acknowledgment. 

Gordon does not get to wear a crown the way Miss America does. He did not receive a plaque.

Some jokes were aimed at him, apparently one by his wife, who said something on the order of that based on another poll X amount of Wyoming residents don’t even know who he is. Way to keep him humble.

This was all talked about briefly at the recent Wyoming Press Association convention in Casper, speaking of maybe 15 minutes of fame, as the phrase goes.

Who decided Gordon was great and exalted by his home state? An organization called Morning Consult, which oversees these yardstick surveys.

That group checked things out between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31, 2019, and announced the findings Jan. 17.

Gordon received a 69% approval rating and an 11% percent disapproval rating. Does that mean another 20% of  of the people could care less one way or another?

Meanwhile, Gordon actually won by tie-breaker. His 69% of being liked was matched by Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker and by Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan. However, Hogan had a 16% disapproval rating and Baker’s was 19% disapproval.

This was all published in US News and World Report.

Baker was previously the No. 1 liked  governor with a 73% approval rating, but dropped. It seems this poll might be as volatile as the Associated Press top 25 weekly college basketball poll.

In its surveys, Morning Consult asks 5,000 registered voters how they perceive their governors each time around.

All 10 of the most popular governors in the most recent vote were Republicans, an interesting factoid in itself, with six of the least popular governors being Democrats.

The last-place governor was David Ige of Hawaii, who must not be placing any of those welcoming leis around people’s necks. His approval rating was just 32% and his disapproval rating is 58%. Again, we’ve got 10% percent of Hawaiians unaccounted for, pretty much gone snorkeling perhaps.

Gov. Gordon should enjoy his day (or 90 days minimum) in the sun. I think he should get some kind of worthwhile prize out of being chosen Most Popular.

Even the guy voted Most Popular in high school is singled out in the yearbook.

We shouldn’t let this moment pass. It is difficult for Wyoming, as the smallest state in the union in population, to get ranked No. 1 in anything, except for maybe most grizzly bears. But even there, it is only a Lower 48 title because of Alaska.

So even if this proves to be a transitory kudo (though he could win again), Gov. Gordon – and Wyoming – might as well revel in it. Give the guy a certificate, at least.

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