To the editor:

Enough is enough.

We have all cooperated with the lockdown, but now the so-called virus threat is over with the warmer weather. In fact, we all just want to go back to “old” normal. I am very suspicious of this “new” normal Gov. Gordon speaks of. Sounds like a lot of unnecessary government control (socialism?). He says he is worried about a resurgence of the COVID-19, but you have to have a surgence before you have a resurgence.

The fake media has been shouting doom and gloom and all the usual negative hype. What is not mentioned are the positive facts:

1. Wyoming’s population of 567,025 are alive and well

2. Out of 23 counties 19 have had no deaths

3. Five counties only had 1 case (including Park County) and all are recovered

4. Two counties haven’t had any cases at all

5. Even of those 389 confirmed (at the time) coronavirus cases 343 are recovered

6. No children were ever affected

7. Most of the seven patients who died had a pre-existing condition

On the other hand, the 2019-2020 flu season had 16 deaths. But the flu is (ho-hum) old news, and besides most people recover and just go back to work.

There have been 21 traffic fatalities so far in 2020. That’s three times the number of deaths from COVID-19. Is the governor going to restrict us from driving our vehicles because we might have an accident? Maybe putting huge facemasks over the hood of our cars would prevent fatal crashes.

Adults in Wyoming are generally independent and possess that super-power – common sense. So, let’s get back to work, open all the businesses, hug your friends and move on. Lastly, a Shakespeare quote seems appropriate: “much ado about nothing.”

Enough already.

(s) tricia hunter


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My daughter lives in New Orleans and her husband's family lives in New York. They haven't been infected so PLEASE, don't treat people badly if they are from those locations. Not everyone has been infected. Don't lump everyone into one bucket. Thanks.

Also, it hasn't gone away with the warmer weather. May have slowed some, but don't throw caution to the wind. And quit comparing it to the flu. It isn't the flu. There are many lasting effects to people who were completely healthy before contracting the virus. Recovery time is much longer (weeks/months) than with the flu.


Fox Blue River

"but now the so-called virus threat is over with the warmer weather"

I hope you are right but saying something like that with absolutely no evidence is arrogant at best.

Also calling the governor of Wyoming a socialist is so beyond the mark of fact or reasonable conversation that I have to ask why The Cody Enterprise feels the need to print this?

Wapiti 1

Great idea! Open up Cody to tourists from New York City and New Orleans. Let me know how that works out.

James Leghorn

“If you don’t want to quarantine it’s okay.” Charles Darwin


Another quote that may be appropriate during this time...

We have a high moral responsibility to be rational - Charlie Munger

P Demoney

Hmmmmm do I trust Tricia or educated and trained people?

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