Perhaps you’ve become immune to them: those orange cones along the side of Sheridan Avenue and the work-zone signs that announce a lower speed limit, road closed or no left turn.

But the incident last week, when a truck crashed through a road-closed sign and nearly collided with a skid steer and operator at 16th and Sheridan Avenue, should be a reminder to all of why those signs are there. 

They aren’t just there to inconvenience us, and the fines for breaking the rule aren’t there just to annoy us. They’re there to keep us, and more importantly, road workers safe.

The roadwork on Sheridan has been relatively painless for drivers, but we all knew when it moved to the busy 16th and Sheridan intersection it would get more complicated.

What we didn’t expect was how much trouble people would have with basic instructions. No left turn means just that, yet countless drivers have ignored the traffic controls and then expressed frustrations at the construction workers who are just doing their jobs.

WYDOT spokesman Cody Beers said there have been multiple violations and carelessness by drivers in the work zone recently, with the majority being Park County drivers.

Left-hand turns through the construction zone are illegal. And if you can’t figure that out, don’t be surprised if you see flashing lights behind you as the police department will have a bigger presence in the area to deter you from ignoring the signs.

Come on people. If you are from here, then you know there are multiple ways to get where you need to go, and taking a slight detour is not going to take that much, or any, extra time. 

Many of us at the Enterprise normally use the 16th and Sheridan intersection to get home. However, since work there began, most of us have adjusted to take different routes to avoid the area completely.

If you can’t avoid the area, then be patient and follow the rules. It’s really shouldn’t be that difficult.


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Jim Jones

It's REALLY EASY to detour around this construction. This is Cody, Wyoming not New York City.

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